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Year of the Wood Goat for Leo


Unlike past years, the year of the wood goat will take the majestic Leos' minds off of their constant thoughts about work. In 2015 they will have the opportunity to delve deeper into their own self in order to clear up their goals and desires and set aside the necessary amount of time for their friends and loved ones.

Even so, they will not be able to linger in one place for long because their royal nature will provoke them to travel more and create new contacts.

It looks as though the professional aspect will take a backseat for the ambitious Leos. They will be seeking their spiritual side outside of the office and work contacts. This does not at all mean that they won't have their own obligations at the workplace. Quite the contrary in fact.

Despite all their obligations, persons born under this sign will manage to distance themselves from any eventual problems and be far above them. They won't burden themselves with unnecessary conflicts that don't directly affect them.

Leos have always been among the greatest fans of financial stability. They truly love making use of their assets without wasting them on needless impulse buys. 2015 promises to be a good one in this regard.


They will have the opportunity to save but will also have to help their loved ones if they don't want to end up seeming like huge scrooges. It is advisable to avoid wasteful celebrations and vacations, for there is a risk of things getting out of control.

When it comes to their health, Leos will enjoy decent such. As a zodiac sign that enjoys warm temperatures they need to put on plenty of clothes during the winter because otherwise they may become susceptible to all kinds of viral infections.

For some representatives, the year will pass in them making attempts to quit smoking and using alcohol but this undertaking will not be easy by any means.

In the year of the wood goat, love passions will be a focal point. Leos will do everything in their power to avoid feeling lonely. And they will succeed.

They will never be alone but will unlikely end up in a serious relationship with perspective, which may hurt them at some point. It is recommended they answer some important questions in order to determine what exactly they have need of.