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Year of the Wood Goat for Sagittarius


The year of the wood goat has determined an infinitely social year for representatives of Sagittarius. They will build bridges and renew their connections with people who may end up being incredibly important in the long run. Optimists at heart, Sagittarii will pick the fruits of their easy-going attitude toward life.

Professionally, the persons born under this zodiac sign will make attempts to change their workplace, led by their continual drive to find a positive environment and new emotions.

Even though for many of them these plans will not be particularly successful, Sagittarii will not stop dreaming of a brighter tomorrow. These ideals are capable of mixing them up in conflicts at the workplace, therefore they need to be careful in the period between August and November.

Financially, Sagittarii shouldn't expect great changes. Since they see money simply as a means for a good life, their eventual lack thereof would not worry them at all.

However, the nonmercantile nature of these types of folks will be rewarded by the wood goat in the form of small monetary profits from different lottery games. Even so, some of the married Sagittarii will have need of financial aid. It would be best if they received such aid from loved ones instead of loans from the banks.


The health of Sagittarii will be good in general but this does not mean that they shouldn't be cautious. Minor problems with the gastrointestinal tract are possible. These zodiac signs are advised to adhere to healthy eating habits so that they can avoid potential food poisoning and diarrhea.

Love mishaps also won't be lacking in the year of the wood goat. Singles will need to try a little harder in order to win the object of their affection.

The spring months may kick off a love that will help Sagittarii get back on their feet, especially in the financial aspect. Singles will see dilemmas in family relations, due to past and unforgotten feelings.



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