Karmic marriage

Karmic Marriage

Marriage through karmic fate inevitably exists because not only marriage, but even our every fleeting acquaintance, is related to inherently complex interweaving of the fate of you soul.

There are various interpretations about how a karmic partner is integrated into our lives, what specific destinations have with him or her.

It is interesting to discover whether we know their spirit from a series of rebirths in which each plays the role of teachers for each other by being a family and embodying certain characters, sometimes we are even a parent or child to each- other, or if they are our soul-mates, which actually are not separate identities, but constitute an integral whole, through which both gain experience, like a troupe of separated halves. Can he or she be our soul mates, friends who often help us with feeling understood and happy.

According to Eastern understanding of rebirth, at the dawn of creation the whole soul seemed to be a burning flame. It is comprehensive, but during it lighting by the air you can see how a tongue-flame splits for a moment away from the mainstream of the fire and holds its own outline for a bit.

In the course of development of consciousness comes because of the need to gain more experience and knowledge, the soul is divided into two parts, two things that go down in human form separately and are rarely detected at the same time in the same life. They can always be integrated as a whole when lessons are learned and the cycle of rebirth is closed.

Usually when one soul divided, the flame plays a role to gain knowledge as a female identity, but the other lessons need to be experienced as a man. Eventually they merge their united soul and that manifests harmony and completeness in their existence and their life tests are a common shared memory, with an integrated experience.

Related people have slightly different karmic partners compared with their soul-fire, they can be more than one or two.

We meet with them fairly often in various incarnations, to encourage ourselves and to compare their level of progress. Our experiences together are strong, consuming and saturated. Feelings and thoughts are shared when we find someone who understands things much the same way as us. You may be surprised by what they intuitively know about our requests, desires and unspoken concerns. This is because he or she not only has developed a spiritual sensitivity, the soul mate has integrated a scheme similar to our knowledge and learn the same lessons, so you can quickly react to teir vibrations that also make him/her excited at this stage.

Soulmates stand out strongly among others, and create the illusion of regained unity, as one soul experiences the connection with their soul flame, but that's not really it. The soul-flame’s soul-divided nature is only one.

Soul mates can have strong love feelings and create the feeling that they are the ideal partners and that we have finally found happiness, which we can safely share and entrust to him or her. There are examples of being madly in love, but after a while getting divorced or separated. They are kindred spirits who have taken the joy they found in someone very similar to their personality, they just stop looking for a mate and start seeking another direction of development to learn new lessons.

In such a separation, there is nothing alarming and unacceptable. Usually if it has gone very well and one of the partners still feels concerned, surely the relationship can still survive the revival, as this is a soul mate, we have known for a long time through many incarnations and can easily promote their role in our lives. We need contact with them and we tend to try to keep them in our lives in some way.

Karmic Partner

A third group of people that descend to earth and that we are destined to become good friends with, let us build together a family and home. These are karmic partners.

They are not always accepted uniquely and positively as a manifestation in our lives. In most cases these people are our teachers of patience, endurance, faith, humility, obedience and selflessness. They teach hard lessons and often conflicts are not corrected in one lifetime, but continue as karmic bondage to extend through more incarnations. These people are our opposites. They do not behave as expected, carrying our secret hopes and requests.

Soul partners develop qualities that are different from ours, but their lessons are quite different in nature too. An example of how two people can be different in a marriage are those intense and discordant couples in which one partner is too bossy, arrogant and abridging the freedom of others, for example. This is because tolerance develops with the assigned karmic task to be a leader, show character and to make others comply with them. They should probably be mainly responsible for the upkeep of the family and assume heavy responsibilities in emergencies. The other partner must do their best to develop the quality of life and flow in the shade, rest and integrate lessons about caring for others, being humble and submitting.

When both do not understand their own lessons properly, they often blame each other and point fingers at the other’s mistakes. This is because they are in conflict with the first role that they are entrusted to perform, and can not learn a spiritual lesson.

Marital unions of such people are unstable, and their friends wonder how come they looked like a perfect couple in the beginning of their relationship. This can be explained by the need for confrontation with the opposition of our individual destiny. We instinctively and intuitively seek someone who is very different from us to learn faster about this world of inexhaustible varieties of mind-lessons.

Generally, people who like different partners are more daring, eager to learn and with enquiring minds. Their endeavors, are slightly premature and they are adventurous with the new and unknown. Typical of them is that they do not get involved with bad people, but those who have a different schedule for lessons, following their life's contact with their birth karma, which resonates through various incarnations and we keep meeting them again and again.

The appearance of a child in a family is a sure sign that the souls of both parents know a number of embodiments and are not going to easily repay their karma.

Whatever people encounter in their lives, our relationships with them should make us more awake and filled with a sense of insight. We must never forget to be benevolent and to resist the desire for revenge, even if our marriage falls apart by the fault of the partner.