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Cat Saves Child from a Fierce Dog


A house cat saved a 4-year-old child from a fierce dog in the California city of Bakersfield, reported the press.

The child was riding his bicycle, when a ferocious dog suddenly threw itself at him. It knocked the child to the ground, bit down on one of his legs and tried to drag him away. Then, as if by a miracle, the house cat Tara came to the youngster's aid, going after the dog and even managing to drive it off.

"We need to build a monument for Tara. If it wasn't for her, who knows what would've happened to my son, " states the boy's mother, Erica Triantafilo.

After the incident, the kid was immediately taken to the hospital and the injuries from the dog were given 10 stitches.


Nevertheless, cats are animals with a strongly expressed character and are not always benign. Another recent event convinces us that they can be not only compassionate but incredibly fierce also.

A mischievous cat went in uninvited into the home of a British elderly couple and kept them hostage for 2 days.

Bruce and Eileen Goff, 74 and 77 years old, were watching TV when a brazen cat broke into their home. The hairy evildoer not only settled down into their home, but clawed at the curtains and wallpaper, broke valuable items and to top it all off, decided to mark his new territory with a substantial amount of excrement and urine.


The elderly couple tried to chase off the unwanted guest but at that point the animal pounced on the man and seriously injured his arm. After suffering the raving cat's invasion for 48 hours, the helpless retirees decided to call the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. However, the organization ignored them.

Luckily for the tormented pair, their neighbor Andrew Fox, a former firefighter and biker, intervened in time. He disarmed the dangerous cat using a blanket and removed it from the home of the Goff family.

The old couple is immeasurably grateful to their savior and can't stop thanking him. Nevertheless, Bruce and Eileen Goff still do not dare to begin living peacefully, because they fear that the furry terrorist will return.