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A Bear Hero Saves a Crow from Certain Death

Antonia R.Antonia R.

A bear from the zoo in Budapest became a true hero, after it saved a drowning crow that fell in the water basin of its enclosure by accident.

Eyewitnesses share that after the crow fell in the water, it was unable to swim to the shore because of the leaves, plants and branches that were covering the surface of the water.

The bear was having a breakfast of apples and carrots when the crow fell within the cage but it immediately noticed the drowning bird.

Visitors of the zoo initially thought that the bear would grab the crow in order to kill it and eat it, but ended up quite surprised.

Once it saw the bird, the predatory animal attempted to pull it in with its paws but after it was unable to, it carefully grabbed the crow with its teeth and took it to the surface.


Having saved the crow, the bear left it and returned to its breakfast.

From the video footage, it can be seen that the behavior of the bird is also fairly unusual. Instead of immediately flying off away from the dangerous predator after it came to its senses, the crow spent some time in the company of its honorable savior.

The witnesses from the zoo said that they were pleasantly surprised by the bear's actions, since they thought until the very end that it would eat the bird, especially when it ended up in the maw of the bear.

A different video, shot a few months ago, shows how a bear saves its cub from a dangerous freeway.

The video was shot by chance by the hunter Ricki Forbes, who witnessed the event.

The scene played out outside of Kootenay National Park in Canada, with Forbes himself stating that that was the most incredible scene he had ever become a witness to.

In the video, the little cub can be seen standing in the middle of the freeway, while its mother is on the other side. Then, the larger bear grabs its offspring and pulls it to safety, displaying courage and dexterity.

Both cases show that even though they may appear slow and clumsy, bears react perfectly in risky situations and can save lives.