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Punishments in this life depend on the filling of karma

Punishments in this life depend on the filling of karma

When the court is filled with karma by one third; one is free from claims of higher forces. People with karma, that fill one third of the "court" are entitled to realization of their needs and their small troubles happen to remind them of their past sins.

If the court is more than half full, and people start idealizing something in this life then something happens that reminds him that he was only a visitor in this world, not the owner.

If you do not understand these signals, things can get worse. These signals may be minor problems at work, in love relationships, family, someone stole money or objects, lightweight crash happened ...

A man that finds this signal is not coincidental, and if he continues to behave the same way as before, he will get a more serious tone. There are no coincidences, everything that happens to you, reminds you of your wrong attitude.

The important thing is to understand the signal, which aims to show you that you violate any rules. But usually people do not understand and continue to live as before. If the court of karma is filled with about three quarters, the signals begin to become quite ferocious.

Punishments in this life depend on the filling of karma

Family breakdown, work troubles, one after another, the desired objectives can be achieved in any way. First decompose the things which a man attaches undue significance.

The important thing is not to idealize anyone or anything. Especially yourself. I started to look to the other on top, with contempt; this is one of the biggest breaches of the rules of our trip in this world.

This court when overflowed with karma from the destiny of man still may be able to suffer a sudden reversal. A man wonders what he has done to deserve something, but actually this is his punishment for contempt for his people and his excessive pride.

He has already put in the situation people who is despised. If he quickly realize his mistakes, things will normalize. But this happens very rarely, because people rarely realize their mistakes.

When the soul arrives on Earth, it has a chance to play different games - love, war, art and business. But one must not forget that here on Earth, as a museum in reserve we must respect local laws, which consists in making it better and not being concerned with bad people.