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Gemini Woman and Sagittarius Man Love Compatibility

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The relationship between the Gemini woman and Sagittarius man is highly passionate. Sagittarius has the tendency to be more emotional related to his beliefs and views, while Gemini bets on love even when it comes to fun and humor.

The Sagittarius man is one who regards the truth as the only important thing in the world. He is quite modest, reckless but also sincere to the core. He puts his trust in people too easily and whenever someone crushes his dreams, he becomes completely devastated.

His wide spectrum of thought and good judgment, paired with his ability to predict what will happen, make him a good and pleasant companion. Sometimes Sagittarius himself does not know who he likes and doesn't, and this leads to problems in love relationships. But whenever he decides who the woman of his dreams will be, he is a very honest and loyal lover.


There are fascinating qualities combined within the Gemini woman. She stops at nothing in life and usually gets what she wants. The character traits of Gemini constantly change throughout the course of life, making her extremely difficult to get to know.

This often creates problems for her in life and love. In her attitude toward her man, she puts in goodness and innocence, valuing his intelligence and sharp mindedness, but if she doesn't witness the real sparks of his attitude toward her, she may unleash her fury on him.

Whenever a female Gemini enters the life of a Sagittarius male, she brings many changes within her. Even if their relations are not the smoothest, they always have something to talk about. The Gemini stimulates the thought process of the Sagittarius and moves his life forward.

Her dream world, filled with whimsical thoughts and constant changes in mood are too elusive for the straightforward thinking and honesty of the Sagittarius. This can sometimes lead to harmful words, as well as unpleasant situations.

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His ability to always see what's coming next is quite alien to Gemini, who tends to even make fun of him for these qualities of his. Sagittarius does not get irritated, in fact, he will try to get her to come back down to Earth his entire life, as things should be.

The Sagittarius man brings more reality and action to the life of the Gemini woman. He either likes something or doesn't, which makes him reckless at times. He makes the woman by his side feel cared for, at the same time giving her the independence she yearns. For their relationship to survive, team efforts are needed.

The secret to prosperity lies in mutual compromise, which will bring a sort of peace between them. This may not only refresh their relationship, but will also contribute to the ability of the Gemini woman to easily and most importantly peacefully handle unpleasant situations.



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