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Virgo Woman and Gemini Man Love Compatibility

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The Gemini man cherishes his freedom and cannot be tied down. Meaning, the woman that has chosen to be with him must carefully think on this. He can be loyal and love passionately but there is something about freedom that attracts him. He must feel at ease that he can go out with his friends, without his partner being with him, that he has the right to have fun by himself as well.

This doesn't mean that he can't constantly be with the woman he loves, but his inner feeling of freedom would be lost, which would in turn cause problems. On her part, the female Virgo is intelligent and clever enough to know that if you reproach a man or force him to do something that he doesn't want to do - you would most likely lose him.


She is plenty tolerant and has nothing against the man by her side having fun alone. But if he wants this, he must be prepared to expect the same from her. And then a conflict may arise.


Male Gemini are very cautious and sweet, love passionately, but in no way like the idea of their partner being somewhere without them. Thoughts immediately pop into their head - who would talk to her, what would they want and so on. The double standard applies to them - it is vitally important for him to have his "free nights", while she must only go out with him. The Virgo woman, with her flirtatious manner, will show him that this will not happen.

Besides this, it is quite an adventure when a Virgo woman and Gemini man live together. She is neat, while he is messy. She prefers to have something to say and then speak, while he loves to chit chat about all sorts of things.

In general, these two signs will not feel very good together - they will gradually begin to notice that they are making way too many compromises for each other, ones that are not easy to make. It is true that love is woven of compromises but only those that still allow us to be ourselves.

Because ultimately, if you must change for someone - do it, however, this doesn't mean becoming an entirely different person because of them.