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Yearly Horoscope 2014 - Aries, Taurus and Gemini

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Aries - A good year professionally

The coming 2014 will be filled with work success for Aries.

Most of them will work with pleasure and will quickly see results. Those who in 2013 were assigned a new post, will receive a promotion in 2014.

Those representatives of Aries who were unable to find work in the past year will have no such difficulties during 2014.

This year, Aries will enjoy huge support and understanding from their loved ones. They will experience many delightful moments in a comfortable family setting.


Astrologers advise them to be cautious around their friends because it is possible for them to display envy for their great professional successes.

The year will bring a serene and fulfilling love to Aries. Astrologers recommend not to force partners into anything and not to cause unneeded tension and emotions.

Taurus - A busy but joyous year

Throughout 2014, Taurus will feel exceptionally well and calm.

At the workplace, everything will set into place and their position will stabilize.


You will be able to initiate new projects that you will finish successfully. In 2014, you will leave yourself open to the manipulation of untrustworthy persons.

You will often be tempted to pass down your responsibilities to a subordinate.

Your family will bring you much happiness but also plenty of commitment.

Do not hope for long breaks because you will be busy every given moment.

You will feel secure and safe with the person by your side. Your partner will show you how much they appreciate and love you.

Those of you who do not yet have a love connection will find a person who will give you the necessary security.

Gemini - Your capricious nature will get in your way this year


During 2014, representatives of the Gemini sign will have a strong need of attention.

Often, their egocentrism will surpass the normal boundaries, which will irritate their colleagues at work.

They will have a hard time working as part of a team because their great vagaries will hinder the others.

It is these same vagaries that will cause drama with loved ones. You will attempt to impose your will which will hurt many people.

The only field in which Gemini will feel satisfied in 2014 will be on the love front. They will be able to create many delightful and romantic moments with their partner.