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Yearly Horoscope 2017 for Gemini

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Romantic relationships and professional achievements are the 2 aspects that will bring you the strongest emotions in 2017. Love, creativity, fun and kids are all going to provide you tons of happiness.

This new year, single Geminis may meet their soul mate at a party or at an event, related to a hobby of theirs. The feelings will be mutual and will quickly evolve into a serious relationship.

2017 is going to attract the attention of others toward you, so don't be surprised if you find yourself being the center of attention more often, even if this was not intended.

Expect plenty of get-togethers in joyous company throughout the year - these will charge you with enough energy for your daily work routine. Just try not to over-dramatize too much when facing whatever obstacles that come along.

In your work projects, try to be more cooperative and band together with those who share your interests and desire for success. If you decide to act alone, you won't go wrong either, but successes will be slower and more difficult in the coming.

Try to learn from the behavior of others throughout 2017 and listen closely to their words because you can spare yourself severe mistakes if you simply accept their advice.

Also try to share more with others. Don't expect for them to read your thoughts and satisfy your desires all at the same time. If you want a favor, try to give a favor of some kind as well.

Throughout the new year you'll be loaded with plenty of optimism, so don't hesitate to start new ventures both professionally and in the personal aspect. Couples who have been together for quite awhile can think about a child together.

This year you'll be able to talk to your partner with ease, even about the most painful of subjects, and reach a compromising solution to your problems.

At the end of the new year you'll be capable of conquering peaks in your career and earning extensive reputation among your coworkers, as long as you follow your ambitions to the end.

Be cautious in terms of your friendships in 2017, especially in the March-April period, as you may inadvertently burn down bridges to individuals who are important to you while under the influence of raging emotions.

Don't rush to accusations if you're feeling underappreciated and ignored by others; first think about how relevant your feelings actually are. In this period you may also end up giving a second chance to an old friend, whom you have turned your back on in the past due to a mistake they've made.