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Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Taurus


The people around you are going to turn out to be the key to your greatest successes in 2018. The partnerships you've created so far will begin to work for you and drive you toward progress.

Over the course of the year you're going to experience true depth and satisfaction from your communication with the people you work with and those you've surrounded yourself with in your personal life. They are the key to helping you ascend to new heights.

For you, the new year falls under the sign of love and partner relations. If you've been alone so far, throughout the year you're going to have the opportunity to meet the right person. Feel free to marry, start living together or plan joint projects because these will prosper.

Use the months October and November to make certain corrections in your business partnerships and to take a closer look at your relations with coworkers or those with whom you work alongside.

During the summer, prepare for serious challenges, especially ones related to your career. Hidden information may come to the fore, possibly questioning your authority or completely changing the work ethic you've had so far.


The situation at work is going to change drastically as a result of someone's decision that cannot be altered. Also expect serious news concerning authoritative figures around you.

If over the past few years you've fallen into a boring and predictable routine, 2018 will manage to shake you to your foundations. You can make significant changes and discover new opportunities before you but you're going to have to part with your security.

Stop reveling in what you've already achieved because that leads to stagnation, think of something new to achieve instead. Direct yourself toward fields that charge you with enthusiasm and bravery.