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Yearly Horoscope 2014 - Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Yearly horoscope

Cancer - You will consolidate your achievements

In 2014 you will pick the fruits of your labor.

Those representatives of the sign that have not put in enough effort in 2013 will enjoy a calm and monotonous daily routine without any drastic changes.

There will not be any radical changes in the workplace either - you will consolidate your achievements. You will have many social contacts throughout 2014 and you will form new friendships.

You will feel at your best among family and close ones.


Great celebrations await you in the year 2014. Passionate love awaits most Cancer representatives this year. Those who are in a relationship will be happy with the person by their side and singles will meet the appropriate partner.

Leo - You will take on new challenges

Throughout 2014, most Leos will be filled with energy and a desire for success. You will constantly have new ideas and new plans, you will take on new challenges.


In the workplace, you will be a leading figure and successes will come easily if you work actively and remain optimistic.

Your energy will be transferred to your home, where you will organize grand remodeling. You will be able to count on your family for everything.

Fun and noisy gatherings will accompany Leo throughout the whole year.

A true and happy love awaits you this year, that will load you with energy and give you wings.

Virgo - A stable and serene year


For representatives of the sign of Virgo, 2014 will offer security, which will give them the opportunity to work hard and fully express their capabilities.

You will receive recognition for past actions.

2014 will offer you many chances for getting ahead in your profession but whether you make use of them depends entirely on you.

Your financial situation will noticeably improve, which will make you host parties with or without an occasion.

Home and family will bring you the needed serenity.

You will play a central role in family relations in this coming year.

It appears that in 2014 you will travel much but you will still be able to bring the family together.