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The Woman with Astounding Memory Who Remembers Every Single Detail of Her Life

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Rebecca Sharrock Baby Photo
Image: thesun

27-year-old Rebecca Sharrock perfectly remembers not just what she had for dinner last night but every single little detail of her life since the age of 12.

She suffers from a rare condition, which only 80 people around the world have been diagnosed with, that grants her an almost supernaturally good memory.

Rebecca, born in the Australian city of Brisbane, remembers absolutely everything from the age of 12 and can provide detailed accounts of what she's done every day since then, as well as quote her favorite Harry Potter books word by word.

Rebecca Sharrock
Image: thesun

Her first memory goes back to when she was just a 12-day-old baby, when her parents placed her in the driver's seat of their car to take a few silly photos. She also remembers her first birthday, as well as the dress she wore that was quite uncomfortable.

When she became older, Rebecca began to be able to go back into her own memories with more vivid detail and recall, for example, the exact weather forecast from a year ago.

She considers her condition a blessing, although she remembers the good events just as clearly as the painful ones and relives them over and over.

The Australian woman has been involved in a series of research studies that examine the depths of human consciousness and subconsciousness. With her help, researchers hope to one day find a cure for dementia and Alzheimer's.