Your Weekly Horoscope for May 14-20

The Sun enters Taurus this week, making the period a bold and challenging one for numerous representatives of the zodiac. Follow all pointers that you feel are important and don't succumb to negative influences. This will help you significantly in overcoming the period.

The stars advise you not to be shy. Take the initiative. Having your semi-precious gemstone around you or with you is a good idea. Check to see which one it is and pick the most suitable one for you. This will enhance your strength and energy.

No matter what kind of week you have, you should let the weekend be time for a break. This will help you restore your energy and prepare you for fate's upcoming challenges.


This week you're going to be so busy with family or work tasks that you're not going to have even a minute to yourself. This will give rise to tension and conflicting situations. No matter how much you'd like to gain new knowledge and self improve, you're just not going to have the time. Control your emotions in every situation and remember that your decisions need to be wise and just. You're going to need a peaceful break during the weekend, so it would be best to put off late-night activities for another day.


You're going to be particularly careful with the information at your disposal. Any one of your remarks could be misinterpreted. If starting up a new venture, choose reliable partners. Don't depend on the loyalty of those you don't know well enough. Changes related to your professional activity are possible. Small changes in your plans are possible during the weekend.


This week is ideal for making new plans that you'll quickly realize, bringing you earnings. You're loaded with vigor and energy, with these leading to development. The time is ripe for expanding your horizons and abilities. Heed the advice of your partner because their words will be sincere and heartfelt. It's possible that you'll discover new, dormant abilities within yourself. Don't make fun of others. Work will take up lots of your time but this doesn't mean you should forget about fun and dates.


You're given the opportunity for successful self-realization at the workplace. You're going to receive a favorable proposal that you should accept. To achieve your set goal, it is worthwhile combining efforts with others. Learn to negotiate and recognize others' interests. You'll only achieve complete mutual understanding with your loved ones.


The week is going to be quite tense but also promising. Share your opinion but also listen to that of your counterparts. There's a danger of your past stereotypes becoming an obstacle in the way of realizing your plans for the future. Fears from the past will reemerge. Work purposefully on yourself, in order to be able to concentrate on the most important things. This week you're going to manage to jump forward and wind up in the front rows. The closer you are to the goal, the better.


This week it would be wise if you reviewed your system of priorities. Transfer certain not-so-important tasks to your coworkers. This way you'll save energy and free up the necessary time. Remain calm and don't back down before the difficulties. Best to take a nice break during the weekend. Take a walk out in the fresh air and exercise more.


Egotism is useful only when measured. If you overdo it, certain difficulties in communication with friends and relatives will arise. Be very careful what you say, think it over ahead of time. Changes in mood threaten to turn you into a person that's not the most pleasant to socialize with. At midweek, the amount of work will increase. If you're offered additional training, accept right away.


This week is going to seem like a dream come true. Your career and social life are simply radiant. Unnecessary obligations are no longer at the top of the list. Your achievements will become noticeable to those around you. You have to precisely determine what exactly you'd like to accomplish in the near future and pursue it persistently. Pay no mind to the difficulties. At week's end, don't plan any important work, just rest well in a comfortable setting.


You're finally going to reach the goal you've long been striving for. You've overcome many hardships and now, in the final stretch, keep an eye out for the small signs that are guiding you. The true level of your knowledge will become evident and even if you try to you won't be able to hide anything. Don't waste your time with insignificant things and don't lose control over what's happening. Don't believe rumors and gossip. Your intuition is leading you in the right direction.


Mobilize all of your self-control and remain composed. Don't fear changes, especially at the workplace. Complications in relations with relatives are possible at midweek. On the other hand, everything will be all right with your friends. There's a possibility of sharp conflicts with others. Try to understand your opponents. Toward the end of the week, initiatives and actions will spring up out of nowhere, aimed at fixing a not-so-good past situation.


Be humble and don't talk only about the things you've achieved. At the same time, you should exhibit at least some activeness. Make decisions and take responsibility, no matter how hard it may be. Have faith in your own feelings and remember that the result isn't the most important thing. What matters is your aspiration for victory and achieving set goals.


Monday and Friday are going to turn out to be the most stressful days of the week. On those days, work is going to take up a major part of your time. You're going to be torn between professional obligations and family problems. Don't forget about the ones close to you because they may have need of your help. At midweek you're going to feel that you're moving in the right direction, as well as that you have friends and like-minded associates.

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