Your Most Accurate Horoscope for February 9 is Here

There's an exceptionally productive day in store for all of us. It's going to progress quickly and without many obstacles. Our personal perception is going to be heightened by the upcoming solar eclipse on the 15th.

During the active part of the day, you're going to have to compromise and maneuver. You're going to look for excuses to delay and extend the period of analysis - don't regret it, it's better this way. Postpone the making of important decisions to after February 15.

After 15:00, closely follow all information that you receive. The stars bring symbolic events which will show you future trends. Between 17-20:00, it's going to be difficult for you to make decisions, so don't try to make important ones and don't pass judgement.


Don't hesitate too much, preoccupied in your attempt to evaluate the situation. Listen to your partner and you'll make a crucial decision. It's very possible that they're not logical in their reasoning but there's definitely something exceptionally accurate in their viewpoint.


You're at a standstill in your love life. Lately, your brain has been preoccupied only with love, dreams of love and plans related to love, and this is not a good thing. The stars advise that you focus your attention on something else today - a friendship, hobby, profession. These things won't get in the way of love but will take your mind off things and enrich you.


You feel ready to realize what you have planned. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Your friends will follow your example. It would be wise to go over your plans again and prepare yourself for teamwork. The new style of work in the company of old friends brings optimal results.


Your partner is preparing an amazing celebration for you without there being any particular reason. Their efforts at lifting your spirits will lead to the realization of all good ideas. Their efforts are worthy of praise - demonstrate this accordingly.


Conversation begins in a civilized tone and transitions into anger and irritation. The worst thing is that this is happening when you least expect it. Your mission, if you accept it, is to improve the eloquence on both sides and become the middleman. You know exactly what to do. Act boldly - you'll receive plenty of valuable support from the stars.


Proceed toward your tasks with your innate talents and abilities. Try to maximally utilize all the opportunities that you've been gifted with. When the dry, businesslike and formal style of communication don't lead to the desired result - seek another way. The period is wonderful for love. If you have kids, it's very likely that their plans will coincide with yours.


No matter what you're doing - be precise and disciplined. Keep your emotions under control because they're highly influential on your decisions. It's an unsuitable day for negotiations. Don't seek support from relatives if faced with difficulties and problems. The day is going to end with a slight discomfort.


Your actions seem strange to others but are in your best interest. No one's offering you help, so you're going to proceed however you like. Relations with your partner turn colder. You're busy with your own problems, while they're being distant. Don't despair - the day brings great successes in new aspects.


A favorable concurrence of events is going to provide you the opportunity to receive what you've been wanting for a long time - and all at once too. Be decisive and don't waste your time on silly things. If you do the latter you'll long regret it. Relations with loved ones are going to be turbulent and complex. You're finding it hard to determine what exactly is preventing mutual understanding but there's definitely a barrier there. Your intuition isn't a good adviser, while your logical reasoning appears powerless. All that's left for you is to wait - the situation will resolve itself eventually.


Your words are as sharp as a razor, although you don't really mean them. You'd like to be tactful with others and you can be, as long as they don't irritate you. Otherwise, you may simply not be able to restrain yourself and give in to the temptation to tell others a very interesting little secret that you've kept quiet about a long time. This would complicate the situation to unimaginable levels.


Several important factors will emerge in your life today. They concern you and your loved ones. The situation is going to bring you closer than before. If you'd like for these relations to deepen, today is the perfect day for just such an attempt. Focus on the stage you're in. Everything will fall into place if you seriously discuss things.


Today you're thinking outside the box. This allows you to make unexpected and quick decisions. But that doesn't at all mean that they're right. Allow your loved ones to prevent you from doing reckless things - at least from time to time.

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