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Your Horoscope for Today - February 29


The new week gets off to a dynamic start for the representatives of all zodiac signs because the Sun forms a conjunction with Neptune but the dynamic aspect of the planets is mitigated by the presence of Venus in Aquarius.

Aries - You have long been thinking about changing your job and now is the most appropriate moment for looking for suitable offers. Expect calls from old friends, who will announce you interesting news.

Taurus - You are in a romantic mood today. Those in a relationship can expect a romantic dinner, filled with surprises. Single Taureans will meet an enticing person, who may turn out to become their future partner.

Gemini - You find yourself in a superb position. Today everything you work on will run smoothly, so quickly bring order to your tasks and set aside time for a quick stroll through the stores or a visit to the beauty salon.


Cancer - Today, a regular conversation with someone you know may transform into an unexpected declaration of love. This will lead you to face the dilemma of whether to continue your current relationship or seek happiness elsewhere.

Leo - Get ready for a tense and busy day at work. During the 1st day of the week you'll have to finish everything you've been putting off for months.

Virgo - Today, Virgos are literally vibrating with passion. The powerful love energy they radiate will inspire their partner to take them on a romantic journey to an exotic destination.

Libra - You'll be pleasantly surprised by the news of unexpected financial proceeds. This will lead you to want to spoil your partner with the trip or romantic getaway they've long been dreaming of.

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Scorpio - You'll end up in an unexpected situation that will make you look at your good friend with different eyes. Unexpected even for you, you'll notice that you're strongly attracted to that individual in a new, exciting and definitely romantic way.

Sagittarius - You'll start work on a new project that will make you seek realization in a completely new professional field. This may be the opportunity you've so long been waiting for, so don't hesitate.

Capricorn - You'll head on a journey, where you'll meet many fascinating people. You may even meet your karmic partner. The distance between you won't be a problem because your feelings will be deep and powerful.

Aquarius - A good piece of news will elevate your mood early in the morning. You'll unexpectedly receive a decent sum of money that will allow you to relax and have fun. Today is an excellent day for making financial deals.

Pisces - Accept the fact that you won't get much done at work today. This will be due to the fact that starting from the morning itself, your mind will be preoccupied only by the thought of your partner or that mysterious stranger whom you ran into in the elevator.