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Weekly Horoscope Prognosis Until October 15

This week, the planet of luck and abundance - Jupiter - enters Scorpio and will remain in it for the next 13 months. This transition is going to affect our unification, will help us increase our material possessions.

In the coming months, we're going to face events that will provoke us to look deeper. Don't remain content with any initial information because the real treasure lies deep below.

On Saturday, Venus is also going to change its sign. The planet that reigns over harmony and love will be traveling through Libra until November 7, allowing us to forge stronger bonds with the people around us.

Aries - Free yourself of everything negative

At the beginning of the week, it's going to be harder for you to take personal responsibility for the oversights at work and in the personal issues that you're dealing with but you shouldn't delegate your expectations entirely onto others. At mid-week, you're going to have to deal with issues which had until now sat in the shadows. Collaborations, investments, loans and inheritances will be attracting your attention with the tendency of freeing you of everything negative. Starting the last days of the week, you're going to find common ground with others more easily.

Taurus - A period of harmony with those around you begins

With the new week, new opportunities will open before you for enriching your social circle and creating new partnerships. During this period, you're going to find common ground with others more easily. Work together instead of individually and you'll have successes no matter what you take up. Also expect a happy period in the romantic aspect. Some may get married, others could start living together, while still others may have a newborn.

Gemini - Start to live more healthily

This week you'll have opportunities for parting with all of the bad habits that have a negative effect on your health. One option is to come up with an entirely new diet which you can follow for an extended period or to start exercising more often. Right now, you'll be able to more easily pick and choose what's right for you and to distance yourself from what is obviously not for you. At the end of the week, those feeling lonely will be able to meet a suitable person for them.

Cancer - Create and have fun

The new week will allow you to unleash your talents in full force and to earn more positive feedback regarding your work, as well as your appearance. Now is the time to be artistic, create something new and have fun. Shut the doors on your dark thoughts one by one and try to look in a more light-hearted manner on life. Optimism will bring you huge doses of inspiration and confidence.

Leo - Form an even stronger bond with your family

The week begins with disagreements regarding material issues and it's possible that the various misunderstandings regarding money and joint investments come out in the open, whilst provoking conflicts between you and your family. But this is no time for for widening a gap between you and your family, instead seek out what brings you together. You're going to grow closer to your relatives if you begin joint ventures and are more open with them. Toward the end of the week, you're going to be more sympathetic to those around you.

Virgo - Trust your intuition

At the beginning of the week, various changes may occur in your personal plans and this may cause you worry. But paradoxically, the more you try to bring order, the more things will continue to spiral out of control until you throw up your hands in defeat. Try to trust your intuition and spontaneity, not your logic and reasoning. Starting mid-week, you're going to more easily find information about the topics that interest you and it'll be easier for you to create new contacts.

Libra - You have the opportunity to increase your earnings

Starting this week, opportunities for increasing your earnings will open up, as well as for stabilizing your position in the material sense. There will be a visible rise in your number of possessions over the next few months, while you will do a beyond excellent job in your material dealings. The week is going to push you to clear up your priorities because no matter how much you'd like to, you won't be able to work on several projects simultaneously. At week's end, you're going to be attracting the attention of the opposite sex more easily and will be feeling more attractive.

Scorpio - You will be enriching your mind

If certain things have seemed impossible to you until now, throughout the new week you're going to have plenty of opportunities to convince yourself that this is not the case. You're going to expand your horizons and look more positively at everything that's occurring, which will help you more successfully finish what you have in mind. Your social skills are also going to improve during this period, while you may even change some of your views on life via contact with others.

Sagittarius - Get to know yourself better

You're entering a period in which you need to think more about spiritual development, rather than material such. Now is the time to organize your emotions by diving deep into your subconscious and bringing out the memories you've been suppressing with such endeavor until now. Isolate yourself from the people around you and utilize the opportunities to get to know yourself better. By learning new things about yourself you can perfect your talents.

Capricorn - Work as part of a team

At the beginning of the week, you need to be more serious toward the things you've begun earlier and although you'll be realizing the results later than expected, you shouldn't give up. Don't rush to point to others' mistakes, instead think about how to help them so that they may return the favor. Starting mid-week, you'll be able to organize yourself better but try to include your friends, coworkers and people who share your interests in your plans because you'll achieve more when working as a team.

Aquarius - Work on your biggest dreams

Utilize the accumulated energy and ideas for realizing your professional projects and advancing in your career. You're going to have plenty of opportunities for unfurling your long-term plans, while realizing your goals easier than usual during this period. Work on your biggest dreams and don't be afraid of aiming high because you have the energy and luck required to achieve everything you wish for. You may meet new people at the end of the week

Pisces - Be more social

Be more social this week and use every opportunity for meeting new people and enriching your knowledge. To get rid of your constant anxiety and feeling of being in a dead end, be bolder and more outgoing; don't wait for luck to come your way but act with what you have in front of you. However, do try not to overextend yourself, instead focus on just one project at a time, starting the next one only after you've finished the previous.

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