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Your Weekly Horoscope Until September 24

The influence of the sign of Virgo will be dominating over the next 7 days. The New Moon occurs in Virgo in the middle of this week, while Venus will also be entering this earth sign.

This is going to stress hard work, analytical thinking, orderliness. It's time to focus on more earthly and practical goals, instead of dreaming without actually achieving anything.

At the end of the week, the Sun leaves the sign of Virgo and settles into Libra, causing subjects such as balance, harmony, collaboration, love, beauty and creativity to take the forefront.

Aries - Finish all old tasks

Serious tasks are going to be pressing you throughout this week and no matter how unpleasant it may be, you're going to have to work extra. Organize early and make a list of all the pending tasks, while trying to keep all given promises during the next 7 days. Focus your attention on work and improve the projects you've already taken up. You can rely on your precision and analytical thought.

Taurus - Get in a positive mindset

From the very beginning of the new week, come up with a budget which to follow until month's end. Look over your earnings and expenditures and if it turns out that you're spending more than you're earning, get ready to tighten your belt. But you shouldn't let the little problems ruin your good mood. If your mindset is a more positive one, you'll be able to find the answers you need with ease, while if you despair you'll continue to go round in the same circle of misunderstandings.

Gemini - Focus more on your family and home

Focus more on your family setting in the next 7 days. Try to create a cozier atmosphere for yourself and those closest, or to come up with surprises with which to change up your daily routine. Focus your efforts on making others happier and your home a more pleasant and warm place because the moods of others are going to affect your own.

Cancer - Plan travels and sign up for new classes

The new week is going to be marked by planning travels or starting projects that are going to enrich your knowledge and skills. Now is the time to obtain a higher professional qualification and to use every opportunity for new knowledge. Don't sit in one place, do everything necessary to grow. At the end of the week you may receive an offer for a new partnership that you'll benefit from.

Leo - Think soberingly and reasonably

Throughout the new week, try to practically apply your knowledge and skills, instead of just talking about your big plans. Use every bit of information by integrating it into your projects and express your talents only after you've soberly evaluated your audience. You're going to have to be more down-to-earth and reasonable in the coming days but this is going to help you build a solid foundation for yourself and those closest. New opportunities will open up at the end of the week that will improve your financial situation.

Virgo - Make some changes in your outer appearance

Now is the time to think about the way you present yourself before others. Look over your wardrobe, analyze your outer appearance and if you feel that certain changes need to be made, don't hesitate. The days until September 24 are suitable for shopping, replacing the old with the new, which is going to boost your self-esteem and make you more confident when meeting new people. At the end of the week, focus on your finances and think about what initiatives to start for more money.

Libra - Use artistic forms to express yourself

Intuition and creativity are going to be leading you this week and even though it's going to be hard to express your emotions, you shouldn't suppress them inside you. Don't try to look for a person whom you can share your big secrets with because finding the right words to explain your feelings won't be easy. Instead, use various artistic forms with which to express your emotional side - draw, write, dance or sing. Art will bring you the needed relief.

Scorpio - Communicate more with your acquaintances

Use the next 7 days to create more stable relationships with the people around you. Regardless if we're talking about your romantic partner, family, coworkers or Facebook friends, this week you'll be able to more easily balance your differences and find common ground with them. Expect to meet many new people if you change your old setting and put more trust in your new acquaintances. Use your time for communication and variety.

Sagittarius - Focus on your long-term plans

During the week ahead, your attention will be primarily preoccupied with serious tasks. You're going to have the opportunity to realize important projects having to do with your career and long-term plans. Organize yourself and carefully analyze your old ideas. If you need to make changes somewhere, be flexible but don't let old prejudices ruin your good opportunities. At week's end, you may receive strong support from others, you'll expand your circle of friends, while this will allow you act with greater success.

Capricorn - Part with your old stereotypes

During this week, you're going to have the opportunity to break old stereotypes and look at the world from a new angle. Don't limit yourself in your way of thinking or in your actions, instead try to flip your old views on their head. The days until September 24 will predispose you to dream more. You can plan a distant journey to the country you've long been wanting to visit or to sign up for new classes. Get out of your usual routine and meet new people.

Aquarius - Seek the support of loved ones

Throughout this week, seek more support and sympathy from others, instead of acting on your own, as this may cause severe complications for you. Try to build a solid foundation, along with your loved ones, that you can use in the future as well. Now is also the time to bring order to your financial dealings, by being more practical and carefully evaluating what you truly have need of. Invest instead of spending aimlessly.

Pisces - Communicate more with your close friends and partner

In the days until September 24 you're going to have the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your partner and closest friends. Make use of every conversation and meeting to clear up your relations and to build more harmony between yourselves for the future. At week's end, you may receive proposals for joint tasks which you have to consider carefully before providing an answer. Make sure that your expectations aren't in vain.

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