Weekly Horoscope from March 20 - 26

The week begins with the spring equinox, making it a pleasant and productive one. The rebirth of spring is going to affect all the zodiac signs and mark the beginning of many new things.

The Sun enters Aries. This zodiac sign brings a perfectly new, fresh and optimistic frequency. The body is switching over to a different schedule, which is going to get rid of the final vestiges of winter depression.

This week, the stars are extremely well-meaning and supportive of our personal initiatives, desires and intentions. We're loaded with energy, ambition, strength and the consistency to achieve our goals. We're demonstrating our professionalism and practicality.

However, the week does have a negative aspect, one that started back on March 4. Venus's retrogradation will continue until April 15. This brings long-forgotten problems to the fore that need to be solved here and now.

Aries. You realize your dreams

If your work involves research or scientific activity, this week is going to be particularly successful for you. Don't hesitate to make attempts at realizing your dreams and expressing your ideas. Your actions and their results will prove the height of your intellect. Prepare for a tense week, during which you'll wish you could postpone your obligations but you shouldn't. If you do, you'd be postponing them for way too far off in the future. In the middle of the week, prepare for a serious conversation with your relatives.

Taurus. Things are happening but not the way you had imagined

Don't fret if the things you had planned do not happen the way you had imagined. The quicker you realize this, the easier your week will be. Tuesday is going to be rough but if you try you'll find something good in it as well. If relations aren't mutual, then it's best to give up on them. Singles are finally going to find their soul mate. Professionally, the end of the week is going to bring you significant freedom and allow you to let loose. Be very careful, as there is a hidden danger in this.

Gemini. Your ego is obstructing you in every aspect

This week you're going to give in to the temptation to overestimate yourself, which is going to disrupt the hierarchy at work. It's time to rise up in the hierarchy but not via the way you have planned. The period is not a good one from a health standpoint. See to your slowed metabolism. The cause of this issue is the stress you're experiencing or incorrect/irregular taking of medication. Try to have fun and not take on any additional work tasks during the weekend.

Cancer. Those in a relationship are getting engaged

Be extremely careful in how you express yourself this week because those around you are going to find it difficult to understand your behavior. It's even possible you'll be thought of as strange. In the middle of the week you may witness new shortcomings within yourself, which you had not even suspected. The 2nd half of the week is going to be a happy one for singles of this sign. Cancers in a relationship are going to take steps in legitimizing it.

Leo. Thoughts, passions and actions - a dynamic week ahead

Try to pay more attention to the kids. Put yourself in their shoes and give them advice. Don't pressure them because this way you risk disrupting their trust. The week comes bearing changes you've long been preparing for. At midweek, you're going to appear decisive and ready to act. The reason for this is going to be the crisis that's entered your life. Act and don't sit in one spot. You believe your career is running smoothly. But you'll notice that those whom you started with are much further ahead than you today. This will get you thinking.

Virgo. Love brings contradictions

Throughout the first days of the week you're going to notice that not everything in your relationship is going well and you're going to focus on fixing things. Act with confidence and you won't go wrong in your judgement. Your love life is going to be filled with contradictions. Try to save the important things and don't ruin preexisting relations because building new ones is going to be very hard for you. The new relations may even turn out worse than what you have at the moment.

Libra. Peace and quiet are taking over

This week an extremely peace-loving attitude is taking you over. You like everything and every situation is fitting. Even if there are conflicts, everything will clear up by Tuesday. Someone around you is going to act against you. Pretend you don't care and that the rumors floating around have nothing to do with you. Clear up your disagreements with others face to face. The stars enable you to act flippantly when it comes to love. You're meeting new people and getting into relationships without even a second thought.

Scorpio. Problems are solved with ease

The energy of this week is going to prove to you that the good things in life happen more often than you believe. Arguments with your beloved are going to turn out to be constructive and bring diversity to your intimacy. For those who are married, problems are going to arise in the middle of the week, which will quickly blow past. Expect slight disappointments in the professional aspect. The reason is that the efforts you've invested in pursuing a specific goal are going to end up being in vain.

Sagittarius. You're charged with fervor and inspiration

Everything you've planned for this week is going to bring even better results than you had hoped for. You're charged with fervor. Wednesday comes with an unexpected argument with your partner but you'll soon make up. The fact is that you need them, despite the negative attitudes of your relatives. Some of you are going to run across a former love and the dormant feelings will draw attention to themselves. Don't give in, stay far away from this person.

Capricorn. Positive changes in the work environment

The week comes with serious changes. From the very first workday, your career is going to head off down a different route. You may be offered a new job, a promotion in your current one or to start a new business. Let things happen one by one. At home, you're going to have a wide playing field. You impose your opinion and ideas on those you live with without a problem. Lay down your rules but don't ignore others' feelings and desires.

Aquarius. The stars are on your side

The week brings the feeling of shared love and justice. Relations with your partner are beyond harmonious. The stars are on your side, so take advantage of this moment to strengthen your relationship. Your partner is finding the change in your behavior hard to believe. You're consolidating your achievements at the workplace, which is earning you the respect of your coworkers and associates. Others value your opinion and keep it in mind. You're handling everything but have to watch out for envious people.

Pisces. Everything is going turn out okay - believe it

It's particularly important that you stay away from extremes this week. You're beset by a feeling of despair but must not be rash because you'd only complicate your position that way. It's always darkest right before dawn - remember that. There's way too many important things in your life for you to worry over things that you're missing. You're going to be particularly successful in the professional aspect if you act instead of speak. Roll up your sleeves and get to it. Your achievements are improving your authority in front of your boss and coworkers.

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