Numerology Prognosis for the Week of January 16-22

To find out what numerology has in store for you in the new week, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they are already karmic numbers according to numerology and bring additional opportunities, as well as responsibilities.

Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22. For example, if you were born on July 20, 1953, add up the digits of the day - 2+0=2, month number 7, and finally the digits of the year - 1+9+5+3=9.

In this case, the personal number is the sum between 2, 7 and 9, which gives us 18. Add 1+8 one final time and the result is the single digit 9.

1. Your inner energy attains new heights

The week is good for starting something new or changing the direction things are going. Your mood changes, new and exciting prospects emerge. The week's energy is connecting you to people like yourself. Your personal strength grows. For others around you, you're turning into a charming and excellent motivator. Communicate as much as possible and don't be afraid to take risks. The moment is prime for actualizing your visions and gaining a bit more experience.

2. Personal change is at the forefront

The week allows you to improve your image. Buy new clothes or change up your hairstyle. You may get inspired to start a new diet or exercise program. You're going to meet a person who is going to turn out to be of key importance for your business or personal contacts at the moment. Your irresistible charm and energy are going to act like a magnet this week. Now is the time to make some crucial changes.

3. Shine in your best light

Your actions this week will speak for themselves. You're going to have to be your own master. Make a good impression - it's important for others to see you in your best light. Life is quick and dynamic and is bringing you new, genuine vibes. Be open to new and unexpected things. If you have to travel, combine business with pleasure. You have a strong sense of freedom and independence.

4. Expand your contacts - you won't regret it

Take things into your own hands. A project that would motivate others is ideal for you. You're going to be strong, confident and capable of receiving the maximum from the efforts invested and the vibration of the week. Take a new route to work or go to a restaurant or coffee shop where you've always wanted to go. Put in conscious efforts to be more social than usual and expand your contacts.

5. Enviable potential is taking hold of your spirit

Number 5

This week, others around you are going to be attracted to your vitality and magnetism. Many of them are going to rediscover you as an attractive person, who commands admiration with your thirst for life. You feel sexy, you flirt and are ready to act. You're meeting new people, seeing new places and have the opportunity to travel, even if it's just locally. You're starting a new project. Your potential is enviable. Everything new is holding your interest, at least for the moment.

6. Strong and influential, you're pursuing your goals

Your personal charisma is attracting others. It's possible to make someone fall madly in love with you without too much effort. Take advantage of this personal power and influence. Encourage yourself in new business and personal tasks. Be open to changes and take some calculated risks. The time is good for being proactive and going after what you truly want. Don't wait for others to take the first step. Be independent in your thinking and actions. Take a break from the routine.

7. Exciting contacts and experiences

It's time to get rid of your negativism and focus on the good things in your life. There's a very fine line between work and fun at the moment. Continue being professional but find a way to have fun as well. Many new people are going to come into your life and this is definitely exciting. Enjoy the change and variety this energy brings. You may get invited to a party where you'll meet someone attractive.

Number 7

8. A quick tempo requires quick reactions

This week you're going to find it difficult to keep up with the tempo. A great number of changes are going to occur within a short period of time. You're going to make new contacts and will have to present yourself in the best possible light. Even though you're feeling energetic and even ecstatic due to your work tasks, it would be wise to view everything as a sort of game. Remind yourself to remain professional even while having fun. Enjoy a flirt with an interesting stranger.

9. Changes make life interesting

The week is going to hit you with unexpected events and situations. Problems that seemed unsolvable will change drastically. Try to see things from a different viewpoint. Take in the big picture and don't be blinded by the minute details. Be open to new places, people and experiences. Unexpected events will make life interesting. Vital and energetic, now is the time to become active and start exercising.

11. Work alone but don't risk

A light and exciting energy is going to maintain your motivation this week. You're interested in all of life's aspects. Be spontaneous and act independently. You're going to have more successes if you work and get things done yourself. Be cautious and don't take excessively large risks. You're impulsive and ready to move quickly. You may receive an invitation to an exciting event. The week is going to be particularly intense for you, especially if you've been bored lately.

22. Variety and positive changes dominate the week

This week is going to set a new beginning. This fully applies to several aspects in life. A new love may come into your life. As for everything else, a new door is opening in the fields of business. Your personal magnetism is strong and making everyone's gaze turn your way. You have an opportunity to travel. The influence of the stars and numbers is leading to positive changes and variety.

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