Your Weekly Horoscope Until November 6

The week until November 6 is going to be a peaceful and harmonic one, supported by the trine between the Sun in Scorpio and retrograde Neptune in Pisces. This creative aspect last formed in 2011 and will allow some of your biggest dreams to come true.

Aries - Trust in the signs of fate

Throughout the new week you're going to be ready for all of the challenges. Do not give up on your dreams under any circumstances because there is a great possibility of them becoming reality in the next few days. Forget about your old principles, instead look for what the signs of fate bring. This week, everything new will be successful for you, no matter if it's new contacts, a new job, new residence or travels. Prepare for huge surprises during the weekend.

Taurus - A week filled with love ahead

The days until November 6 will be loaded with romance and events that will provide harmony to even those aspects containing the most problems. Music and all forms of art are going to push you to express your feelings, to the point where you surprise even yourself. Singles are also going to face an opportunity for a new relationship, with any new companionship forged during this period withstanding the tests of time. At the end of the week you may make beneficial deals.

Gemini - You're going to combine business with pleasure

The new week will open many new doors for you, allowing you to easily combine business with pleasure. In the days up to November 6 you're going to have greater clarity about work and personal relationships, thereby helping you to focus only on the most important things. Try to do a quality job of carrying out your tasks and pay attention to detail. The end of the week is a suitable time for renegotiating the terms of employment or credit.


Cancer - Let your creative thought run free

This week you're going to have no small number of opportunities to unleash your creative potential to its fullest. Don't let changes worry you, instead use them to change your usual daily routine up a little. You're easily going to incite the fascination of others around you and if you use your innate intuition, your dreams will easily become reality. At the end of the week you're going to receive unexpected and excellent propositions for advancement.

Leo - You're going to inspire others

During the new week you'll easily fall into the role of one who inspires others. Your actions, when you truly want to accomplish something, as well as your ability to openly express your emotions, are going to motivate those closest to you to be bolder in pursuing their dreams. The week is a suitable one for creativity and those working in this field are going to have the opportunity to reveal their talents to the fullest. Don't turn down any proposals for public debuts in the days until November 6.

Virgo - Ask for advice from those closest

This week you're going to have a great need of someone with whom to share your biggest worries, without them criticizing you. It won't be easy for you to turn your back on your problems but during the next few days you're going to realize that you're unable to handle things yourself; that you need advice. Your closest friends and family can help but you're going to have to be more honest with them. Find more time for solitude at the end of the week.

Libra - Enjoy the little things

During the new week, focus your attention only on the things that bring you peace of mind and harmony. Try to enjoy the little things in life more, such as good music, tasty food and the beauty of nature. Try to communicate only with people whom you're on the same page and share common interests. Toward the end of the week, prepare for huge surprises, singles may meet the love of their life.

Scorpio - You're easily going to realize your desires


Whatever you decide to take up this week, you're going to have the feeling that you're in your element and your desires will become realized very easily. At the start of the week you're going to be the center of attention and your doings will attract the positive evaluation and approval of those around you. Be thankful for what you've already achieved and don't think so much about the distant future. Devote the weekend to those closest.

Sagittarius - You'll be more sentimental this week

The new week is going to be beyond emotional for you and every single event is going to spark a storm of reactions on your part. Non-typical for your optimistic nature, in the next few days you may feel strong gusts of sentimentality and sorrow. Whatever emotions appear, seek the reason behind them. At the end of the week you're going to have to follow the rules and be more mindful of the authoritative figures in your life.

Capricorn - Communicate with friends and coworkers more

Communication and the opinions of others are going to be key for realizing your goals this week. You may attract strong interest with your behavior, which you're recommended to take advantage of. Express more curiosity toward your friends and coworkers, since their way of life may give you many creative ideas. Follow your intuition more and not the rules so much. At the end of the week you're going to have the opportunity to take your fate into your own hands.

Aquarius - Work on your ideas

This week you're going to witness the results of your work so far and if you've been working hard, expect a raise and better income. However, if you've been avoiding serious responsibilities, don't expect easy days to come. The period is ideal for starting new projects and if you have ideas, don't just talk about them but begin working on realizing them. Trust the information you're going to receive in the days until November 6 and try to apply it to your daily life.

Pisces - Forget about your old standards


The events this week are going to leave a lasting impression in your consciousness, while your most important plans aren't going to happen without the support of the people who care for you. In the coming days, your sensitivity will sharpen and every word or action will affect your attitude. Try to step beyond your own limitations and rules, even if this causes quarrels with others. You can expect good offers for realizing your ideas at the end of the week.

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