What the Stars Portend for you Today - July 8

The wave of transformation that begun yesterday will continue to lead you today as well. The Sun is in opposition with Pluto. This aspect does not tolerate stagnation in the past and will urge you to quickly make decisions.

A plus is the light energy that will help you easily find the alternative. Mercury is in a harmonious aspect with Jupiter, which is good for communication, making decisions and their practical realization. Tonight, Saturn may set certain limits.

Aries - Avoid displays of egotism, dictatorship and despotism toward your coworkers and subordinates. These sorts of qualities will only be detrimental for you today. Conflicts dominate your day. Luck is not on your side. Avoid lotteries and gambling. Postpone all important meetings, financial operations and deals. No one's going to understand and support you. Don't try to act interesting by getting into quarrels with your higher ups.

Taurus - Today is making you feel and look beyond good. Your aura is radiating a friendliness and attracting friends. The time is suitable for you to turn into a hospitable host for gatherings of friends or enjoy your free time with family and friends. If your job is in any way related to people or an audience, your ideas are going to be well accepted. You'll receive positive feedback.

Gemini - You're going to have a day loaded with contradictions, confrontations with authorities and institutions, obstacles and complications in business. It'll be especially difficult for you if your boss is of the opposite sex. Anxiety is going to dog you all day long. You'll be torn by inner discord, while your psychological and physical strength will wane drastically.

Cancer - You are caring and filled with prospects. The day brings you good contact with public figures. You're going to earn amazing popularity in business fields. The day is perfect for making deals and financial operations. Everything is peaceful on the love front. Don't be hasty with your actions.

Leo - Others' trust toward you at the workplace is growing progressively. You're proving yourself among your colleagues. Expect acknowledgement and praise. These may come from influential individuals. You're going to manage to positively influence your partners in business. You show courage, initiative, decisiveness, confidence and should devote yourself to physical activity. The sum of your qualities will prove to be of decisive importance in resolving all your problems.

Virgo - Business is moving along. Luck accompanies you in every one of your actions. The day is suitable for financial and speculative deals. You may have more obligations than usual today and these may alter your plans. You're showing increased activity toward the opposite sex. Your emotions may be overexaggerated.


Libra - The day isn't going to be particularly easy for you. A myriad of hardships and obstacles will get in your way. Arguments and dissatisfaction are possible. Accidents and unexpected losses are stalking you at every corner. If you manage to stimulate yourself correctly, you'll find a more constructive way of expressing yourself and achieving great results.

Scorpio - Today you're going to feel a love of life, people and food that's not typical for you. The day is excellent for creating all kinds of relationships - personal, romantic, public and purely business oriented ones. Well-being and luck accompany you throughout the entire day. The unexpected support of a parent or your partner will pleasantly surprise you.

Sagittarius - Your mood is going to be changing rapidly. This is going to severely get in the way of your work. No one is going to have the desire to support you or try to understand you. Subordinates and coworkers are going to exhibit vicious opposition toward you and your ideas. You're not going to be able to get along. Expect an increase in expenses. The period is one of the most favorable for financial operations and deals. It's a good idea to take a day off.

Capricorn - Your self-esteem is finally where it needs to be - high up. Everything related to capital investments brings success. You're going to make a good deal or purchase soon. The day is going to be particularly outstanding for those that work with land, food and real estate. Everything is finally back to normal in your family and intimate relationship.

Aquarius - Today you'll be able to easily handle any problem. Everything new and fresh attracts you. The stars bring you confidence, high initiative and unadulterated energy. You need to consider all the details. To do so, simply slow your pace down a bit. Don't intersperse yourself and don't start anything new. Try different exercises and physical activity.

Pisces - Your business may suffer severely if you don't find the right way to communicate with coworkers and subordinates. Personal conflicts are also possible. You're prone to display increased emotionality, egotism, ambition and even aggressiveness. These definitely won't be a plus for you today.

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