What the Stars Portend for you Today - June 1

The 2 squares of Venus in Gemini with Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will make making decisions a difficult task today. We'll feel confused whenever we'll have to take some important step in our professional development or buy new possessions.

Aries - Today you'll have the desire to stand out from the crowd or at least show that your inclinations for your future growth are brighter than others'. You feel that you've improved in certain aspects and want everyone to see it. But others won't take kindly to your desire to shine and may exchange unpleasant comments about you behind your back.

Taurus - Group projects might not be progressing as fast as you'd like. But don't worry so much about work, instead focus all of your attention toward your finances. Plan a reasonable budget and don't underestimate your sudden insights because they may be the key that will save you from your money problems.


Gemini - The day will predispose you to self-analysis and by observing your own reactions and behavior you may find the root of an old wound. Realization is the first step to resolving the problem but it will take more time to heal the injuries of negative experiences. Seek out a close friend who's ready to hear your pain.

Cancer - Things that are different from what you're used to will provide you pleasure today. Foods from foreign cuisine or the studying of a new language will be the reason behind your cheery behavior today. Be careful when it comes to money and credit cards especially. The period isn't appropriate for spending large sums because it'll be hard for you to pay off your debts after.

Leo - Your dilemmas today will be financial because you're going to have to make a big purchase, which you're not financially prepared for. This will cause you some worries but if you think a little and gather information about the purchase you'll come to a decision more easily. Avoid huge expenses throughout the day.

Virgo - Today you're going to have to help with your coworkers' projects that are falling behind, while time is putting the pressure on you. Meetings today will be successful, as long as you stick to your own interests and don't let others manipulate you. With good organization and diplomacy you'll impress the people around you.

Libra - Today you may get carried with work on the internet and new technologies. But don't spend all of your time in front of the computer, make use of the day and take a walk outside as well. Later on it's possible that you discuss your future financial plans with loved ones and create a joint budget.

Scorpio - Today you're going to feel insecure financially and this will become the reason for your anxiety throughout the whole day. You may be more sensitive and react sharper to others' requests. But don't transmit your discomfort to others, instead focus and try to find a solution to the problem.


Sagittarius - Put your own limits on your spending today so you don't suffer financial difficulties later. Emotions will boil within you and you may be reckless with your words, unwittingly offending someone from your social circle. Don't be stubborn, apologize for what you've said.

Capricorn - Arguments today will be sparked by cultural differences. You may oppose a large group because your view is fundamentally different from theirs. At work, you may also be tasked with a project of a field you're unfamiliar with. You have to focus your efforts and adapt to the new.

Aquarius - Communication with coworkers will be difficult today, it won't be easy for you to find the motives behind their actions. Likewise, it won't be easy for you to explain your wants and this may provoke huge arguments. Financial problems will also trouble you but by working extra you'll solve your financial hardships.

Pisces - Your friends will guide you today when they see that you're taking up assignments that aren't for you. Even though the events today will challenge you, you shouldn't overestimate your abilities because it'll turn out that you've taken up assignments you can't complete. Consult your sixth sense when you have doubts.

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