Your Horoscope for Today - May 17

The Sun in Taurus and retrograde Mars in Sagittarius are going to be in opposition today, which will create a suitable environment for conflicts, especially with your higher ups. Don't act impulsively or too aggressively.

Aries - Be open and direct with the people you haven't been seeing eye to eye with lately. This won't help you resolve your conflict but will separate you from unpleasant individuals. It'll be hard for you to control your emotions and some of them will come out in the open, without you yourself wanting to.

Taurus - You're going to have to be the arbiter between 2 arguing coworkers or friends today. You have to choose a side, no matter how uncomfortable this feels, but before you do, analyze the situation they're arguing over well. You may inspire faith in a person who hasn't been having much motivation lately.

Gemini - Today you're going to be in a bad mood due to financial problems that are only getting worse with time. Money isn't going to come to you on its own, you're going to have to work a bit more to stabilize your financial situation. Tension will also grow because your coworkers will refuse to aid you, in fact they'll do everything possible to piss you off.


Cancer - High agitation may arise in the family setting because you insist on imposing your opinion, while the rest don't agree with this. Harmony won't be restored if you remain stubborn and refuse to consider others' point of view. Apprehension is expected at the workplace as well due to a failed deal.

Leo - There are a few too many issues piling up lately and today you're going to have to seek more experienced people to give you a hand in these tough times. These individuals aren't going to solve your problems with a magic wand but their presence will bring you a little comfort at least. But when it comes to the more important meetings, rely only on yourself.

Virgo - Your opinion will seriously clash with that of the people around you and it won't be at all easy to reach a compromise. Try to make peace through talks and with less noise. Don't rely on others for the important projects, work on them alone.

Libra - The tension between you and your partner today will be indeed serious. You may get upset due to small misunderstandings but old problems may also resurface. Seek the opinion of a 3rd party that can help you find a compromise.

Scorpio - An atmosphere of conflict will reign around you and no matter how much you'd like to stay away from it you won't have the opportunity to. Unresolved problems from the past will ignite once again and you're going to have to choose a side and share an opinion, even if the issues don't affect your directly.


Sagittarius - Today you're going to have to defend your interests with force and ferocity because people who are capable of doing anything to take advantage of you will appear. You're going to have to practice a bit more control if you'd like to save your plans from failure. You're also going to encounter family problems but these will find a solution quickly.

Capricorn - Your relationships with others today will be more strained. Remain calm and focused on your work, don't give in to provocations. No matter what provoking comments you hear, don't pay them any mind, instead focus on your tasks.

Aquarius - It won't be easy for you to communicate with friends and coworkers today because you're going to react way too emotionally and they'll misunderstand you. Don't burn the bridges with people you are around every single day, instead try to relax and think before you say anything.

Pisces - You're going to face seriously money problems today and in order to make the sum you have available last you, you're going to have to halt some of your expenses. But don't make these decisions on your own, instead consult with your partner.

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