What the Stars Portend for you Today - May 14

Because the Moon has entered Virgo, qualities such as caring for yourself and others, pedantry and workaholism are going to be unlocked within you. Use this time to bring order to your home; you're going to think more about the way you look and how you feel. Changes in diet and starting a new sport are possible. Those of you who are trying to build a career are going to work even more persistently at your tasks and will finish some forgotten ones.

Aries - Today you're going to have to harness all of your energy to finish what you have planned. But the results will be satisfactory, so all invested efforts will have been worth it. At the end of the day you'll be able to take a breather and enjoy the tranquility you'll finally get to experience.

Taurus - Today you're going to realize that some norms which you've generally despised aren't really that bad, quite the contrary. There is an advantage to rules existing, so it wouldn't be a bad thing for you to stop appearing like a rebel from time to time and respect them.

Gemini - Your intuition will be working flawlessly today and allow you to resolve problems which under other circumstances you'd find it hard to deal with. Actually, your inner voice has been trying to help you for quite awhile but because of your rational thinking you've suppressed it numerous times.

Cancer - Your day will be successful only if you are exceptionally cautious. Today there is a high probability of you making a serious mistake, so think very carefully before making each move. Do not act hastily under any circumstances and don't trust persons who have not proven their loyalty to you.

Leo - You're going to be emotional and impulsive today and this won't be to your advantage. The stars warn you that if you don't rein in your emotions, problems will arise at the workplace and at home.


Virgo - Stop acting like you understand something when this is not the case. Obviously you can't have knowledge and experience in every single field, so it's better to admit this openly. Otherwise you risk bringing trouble for yourself.

Libra - An innocent statement by someone from your social circle today will make you seriously think about certain facts about your life. You may end up starting a diet or simply try to eat healthier. New sports activities are also possible.

Scorpio - Today, someone will finally manage to get through the walls you've built around yourself. The feeling you're going to experience at first won't be particularly pleasant but consequently you'll see that you really do have need of a person that sees you in a bit of a different light.

Sagittarius - Today you're going to be filled with energy and a desire for adventures. Make use of the charge you have, get out of your comfort zone and surprise everyone by taking on a wild challenge that's not typical for you.

Capricorn - New opportunities appear in your life but due to preconceptions and excessive caution you're on your way to missing them. The stars advise you to forget about the possible risks this time around and act with courage.

Aquarius - It won't be easy for you to find a balance today and you're going to bounce between 2 extremes. Try not to make any cardinal decisions because later it'll be hard for you to deal with the consequences. Rely more on your common sense and less on what your heart whispers.

Pisces - A new hobby will appear in your life today or you're going to rediscover a favorite activity from your past. It comes just in time because lately you've had a need of something to inspire you, charge you with positive energy and take your mind off the problems at work and in your personal life.

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