Which are the Cardinal Signs and What is their Fate?

There are 4 cardinal signs - Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer. They were born to lead and be the boss. Each of them is ruled by its own element - fire, earth, air and water.


The cardinal nature of this sign, in combination with its fire element, define its entirety. Anything and everything they take up, they do so with enthusiasm. They are capable of probing deeply even into the most insignificant elements. In life, they strive to be leaders and command everyone and everything.

Any undertaking that brings fame and acknowledgment from others is suitable for this cardinal sign. These individuals are impulsive in every new beginning, they are pioneers.

However, they often don't finish what they start. Plus, they tend to be naive. This naivety, generosity and haste are the things which often get in the way of their otherwise determined nature.



Earth is the patron of this cardinal sign. It has to do with everything stable, practical, unshakable and containing solid foundations for development. Capricorns choose professions which correspond most accurately to their earthly nature. They seek security in these.

Most often they prefer to linger behind in the shadows but slowly and surely they climb to the top. Their attitude toward love is the same - they dislike fleeting relationships, although before they find their true love they experience several of these.

No one doubts the capabilities of this cardinal sign, who achieves everything in their life with purpose, step by step.



This cardinal air sign is one of the most social. They love contact with people, which is why they become some of the best initiators, arbitrators and judges.

They love to quell disputes, to connect, to create balance and harmony. Libras have an inborn sense of justice and never spare anyone anything. Harmony and beauty are intertwined in their essence.


The water which acts as the patron over Cancers, is the symbol of the never ending changes, mystery and the all-consuming. In their life they often need some time alone before deciding which way to go.


The profession they choose is usually related to having more than enough time to travel, a frequent change in scenery and surroundings, to allow them to nourish their highly developed imagination.

Even so, every Cancer has their own home in which they feel safe. In most cases, these individuals find it difficult to separate from their parents.

They don't share their plans for the future with anyone until they feel that the time for its realization has come. Then they reveal everything and joyously accept the congratulations of others.

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