Numerology Prognosis Until January 24

To find out what numerology has in store for you this week, first determine your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding the numbers until you get a single-digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Expect a lucky week ahead. Meetings with new people and new opportunities may be hindered only by fear or pride. Don't be afraid of being ashamed or being made to look funny. People's opinions aren't everything in life. You'll be able to get out of any awkward situation with a wide smile on your face and even dare to start up a conversation with a stranger. The weekend is the time to grow closer to your favorite people.

2 - Your patience and spiritual temperament will help you show off your best this week. It's vitally important for you to take some care of your body. Eat healthy and exercise. Small changes in your daily habits will lead to big changes. Caring for children and pets are a huge responsibility but teach important life lessons. Try to see things from their point of view. They require stability, discipline and special attention.

3 - Your routine activities will be abruptly stopped. If you try to swim against the current this will stress you even more. You are forced to do things a bit differently. At first this will drive you off the rails but the changes bring with them important lessons. Try to get enough rest and sleep. Massages, hot baths and time spent with your beloved under the bedsheets will help you be more balanced. This will give you the strength to deal with whatever is coming. The weekend is suitable for love adventures.

4 - A relationship which doesn't give you what you need doesn't deserve any more sacrifice or patience on your part. You need to change how you act and react in any given situation. A breakup is never easy and may at first seem like a very bad idea. Listen to your heart and you'll make the right decision. Take some better care of your outer appearance. Others will immediately recognize this.

5 - Family problems that have been going on for years will come to the fore this week. You may need to ask for advice from someone. Think about your own guilt in the situation. Although it's hard to talk about old pains and bickering, inaction is not a solution. Encourage others to talk - this will help resolve the situation. Don't try to find who's right and wrong, the important thing is for everyone's feelings to be heard.

Personal Numbers

6 - Things that seem impossible actually are not. You are on the brink of a change that will bring you a ton of happiness in your future to come. The secret is to visualize the things you wish to happen and they will come to you. Clear your mind and heart and pick a specific direction in which you'd like to move forward. Think about this every day and you'll soon notice unique results.

7 - The week is perfect for taking a break and traveling. Expand your horizons and discover new frontiers. If you can't leave work aside, take a walk around town and look for places you haven't seen before. Talk with strangers on the street - you might find this very fun and delightful. Call the elder members of your family or visit them.

8 - You may feel as though you're not standing out much from the crowd but this is not the case. Everything you need to make a good impression this week is a big smile and the desire to share life's stories with others. This will enable them to open up to you. You are capable of making everyone feel more accepted and reliable. You may be surprised by their positive attitude toward you.

9 - Be thankful about everything happening to you this week. Your worries about the future are unwarranted and can only prevent a good night's sleep. Accept life as it is. Birth and death are the 2 greatest mysteries of our own existence but they shouldn't stress you unreasonably. When the time for change comes it will turn your life upside down and open your eyes and heart to wisdom. This will bring the true peace of consciousness and mind that you've yearned for.

11 - This week presents you the opportunity to do many of the things that make you feel happy. You'll be led by a powerful creative energy, which will encourage hobbies, artistic projects and spending more time with interesting friends. The time is ideal for starting or finishing a construction or other project. Do everything possible to improve your skills. Creative self-expression, including music, will make your life more interesting and colorful. Share your interests with others and you'll be surprised at how many like-minded folks there are.

22 - The fact that times are tough must not sadden you, depress you or worry you. It all comes down to perspective. Imagine yourself high in the sky, in a balloon of love and light. Everything else is below you since love is eternal and can overcome any challenge. Spread love and sympathy all around. Being selfless takes energy but the results are worth it. Gather the courage to get past old pains and misunderstandings.

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