The Socratic Method Leads to Self-Improvement

Socrates - one of the most well-known ancient Greek philosophers even today continues to teach new generations forgotten knowledge and wisdom. One of his methods - the method for self-discovery and self-improvement is remarkably useful for modern-day man.

The Socratic method is actually quite simple but incredibly beneficial at the same time. Socrates taught his students by asking them questions subsequently one after the other. He would always provoke spontaneous answers, believing that when put in such a situation, the person would be capable of realizing their deepest beliefs and convictions.

In this way the person may be able to rediscover who they are in fact. Socrates always said that the highest form of human transcendence is the asking of questions about themselves and others.

Numerous experts on reaching success and improvement have analyzed the Socratic method. According to them, such a link between questions and discovery of the inner self really does exist.

When we ask ourselves a question our consciousness reaches such levels that these can unerringly show our own inner truth. Such a way of self-discovery leads us to self-learning and realization.

The goal of the questions that we must ask is to rediscover the values, convictions and rules that we are used to living with at the present. As well, we need to use them to catalyze breakthroughs in the fields of business, finance, career, health, relationships, family, spirituality and much more.


According to many of the great minds, that which we need lies within our own selves. He who has managed to find it has found it. Everyone possesses an inborn inner strength which can be mastered through the formula of asking and answering specific questions.

The questions and especially the process of evaluating the answers is a powerful force which focuses our mind in a given direction. The mind is constantly occupied with thoughts, with an estimated over 60 000 per day. However, these go around in a circle, with the same questions and answers present every day.

When we focus our mind in another direction, completely different from the one we are used to on a daily basis, we literally readjust our thoughts and consciousness. To point them in the direction we would like, we require concrete questions. It's good for these to be arranged in some way.

The answers to our innermost questions lie hidden deep in our subconscious. If at any given moment you get the suspicion that the answers are not your own, these hesitations are most likely well-founded.

This is also good reason to continue sincerely asking yourself questions until you reach the super conscious mind. It encompasses both the conscious and subconscious mind and is just as real. It only waits for you to discover it.

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