Weekly Horoscope Until January 11th

This Monday, the full moon phase goes into the sign of Cancer, leading us to pay greater attention to our family, while the planet of meaningful communication - Mercury, will transition into Aquarius.

Aries - You will be dealing with tasks at home

The beginning of the work week for you will start off with tasks at home. The full moon will remind you of some forgotten obligations that have to do with real estate. This is the perfect time to keep an eye out for a residence if you are looking for such. The week predisposes you to meeting new people and to family gatherings, due to which it is a suitable time for visiting relatives.

Taurus - Focus on your career


This week is the perfect period for you to put in additional efforts in your professional development. If you focus on your professional career, you will very quickly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Spend more time with your family in the middle of the week; it is recommended for you to discuss your future plans with your partner.

Gemini - Your communication skills develop

From this Monday until March 13th, your sign ruler will transition into Aquarius, helping you find the right way when it comes to seeing others' point of view. You will hold thoughtful conversations with ease and perfectly handle any work-related issues. Mercury in Aquarius advises you to demand more freedom in the workplace.

Cancer - The people around you will infuriate you

An opposition between the Sun and the Moon this week will strain tensions around you and make you more irritable than usual. As early as Monday, you'll be wanting people to pay more attention to you but you will remain disappointed because this won't happen. The days until January 11 are suitable for finishing off started projects.

Leo - Keep your emotions in check

What's important is for you to keep your emotions under control until the end of the week because any excessive sensitivity will ruin others' opinion of you. Don't ignore your family either, the period is also appropriate for clearing up old misunderstandings.

Virgo - You look to your friends


With Mercury going into Aquarius, your friendships will be of key importance to you. Since the planet will be retrograde at the end of January, many of your friendships will be put to the test. The week predisposes you to physical activity, it is recommended you sign up for dance classes or a gym.

Libra - Don't oppose your bosses

The full moon this Monday will provide you with a reference point for future successes at work. Do not oppose those with higher authority than you, in order not to ruin the positive impressions your bosses have of you. You will gain more sympathies if you forget about diplomacy for a bit. Mid-week, organize more meetings with friends.

Scorpio - You will be overloaded with news

In the days until January 11th, it is exceptionally crucial for you not to miss any information that is of high import. It is possible for you to end up receiving news from loved ones throughout the entire week. After Wednesday, you will have to focus on your work obligations, you will need to resolve problems in the professional aspect.

Sagittarius - Finish started tasks

The work week begins with extra activity for you. This is a suitable time to finish any old tasks; be sure not to initiate any new projects before finishing the ones already begun. If you need to sign any new contracts, do it this week, because after, Mercury will be retrograde and such undertakings will not be advised.

Capricorn - Your love connection will be of huge significance this week

Throughout this week, your love connection will be of huge import for every aspect of your life. The relations with your partner may lead to ruin or positive stimulation, depending on whether you understand each other or not. It is likely that one of you will be given a job offer, while it is imperative you think about it well before coming to any kind of decision.


Aquarius - A nice big change is to come

Due to the full moon in Cancer, you will be more emotional than usual this week. Mercury enters your sign starting January 5th, bringing lots of change to your daily routine. Meeting new artistic and fun people is a possibility. The period is appropriate for changes to your outer appearance.

Pisces - Expect to meet someone new

The full moon in Cancer will get your personal life moving. It is highly likely that you will begin a new love relationship this week, with the way you meet the person happening in a strange and unusual way. Accept the new things happening to you but strive to look realistically at them.

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