Childhood and success of Alexander the Great

Childhood and success of Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is one of the most extraordinary and mysterious warriors of all time. Thirty Years of age, he drove one of the largest empires of the world. Of the olive groves of Greece to dusty palaces of India, Alexander the Great united the East and West and changed the world forever.

Alexander the Great was born in Pella in northern Greece, over 356 years before Christ. The Golden Age of the Greeks has long passed. At that time the empire was divided by the feverish conglomerate city-states, an easy prey for the father of Alexander, Philip.

King Philip was a rough and raffish fighter. Drunkard, fearless soldier, the idol of his mighty army: one of the most powerful in the ancient world. Philip's policy, however, was unscrupulous. He created Macedonia having tamed the wild tribes in the area. With diplomacy and brute force, Philip managed to conquer nearly all of Greece. From his father, Alexander the Great inherited the skills of tactician and commander. Olympias his mother also influenced him greatly. He inherited her passionate, sensitive nature.

Olympias is dealing with religious cults, especially in honor of Dionysus the god of wine and passion. Rumor says to worship God with wild dancing and incontinent lapsed into trans. Olympias tells Rumor that she is pregnant by Zeus the king of the gods, transformed as a serpent. Throughout his life Alexander flatters the thought that he is not mortal. Besides his mother and father, the boy is strongly influenced by his teacher: the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle.

He revealed to Alexander the Great the wonders of Greek culture and especially gripping myths.

Alexander the Great spent three years away from home in the School of Aristotle. Returning at 16 years and found his father, King Philip, with a new wife. Worse still, they had a second son, who threatenend the position of Alexander as heir to the throne. Alexander was consumed by anger and resentment. Later started between the two of them were fierce quarrels. Rivalry between father and son deepened so that Alexander was exiled. Ultimately, both reconciled, but the truce did not last long.

One summer night during the 336 years before Christ, Philip and the royal family gathered to celebrate the wedding of his daughter. The king stopped at the door and waved to the crowd. Like many of his contemporaries, Philip maintained relations with both men and women. Philip died on the spot and the killer was caught and killed immediately before his superiors. Did he act alone, or were there other conspirators?

Some historians believe that it is possible that the cruel mother of Alexander the Great, Olympias, had organized the assassination. However, she was replaced by a younger wife. And Alexander: Is it possible to have a finger in the murder of his father? Alexander the Great tried to fame more than anything else. Suspicions made the Macedonian leaders angry, but he needs their support and he received it.

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