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Which Gemstones are Suitable for Pisces?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Pisces?

One of the typical characteristics of the sign of Pisces is their gift of a poetic spirit and imagination. Many Pisces love music, write poetry or serious literary works. Representatives of the 1st 10-day period of the sign of Pisces are the types of people who easily handle the challenges of life, avoid drama and find the perfect middle ground in their relations with others.

Pisces have their shortcomings as well though. They have a proverbially weak will, easily obsess over mysticism and seek the vulnerable points in others so they can use them in an argument. As such, the best gemstone for them is the amethyst - the stone of trust, which has the ability to protect against temptations and to inspire. Pisces can also wear a sapphire, it helps their spiritual growth.

Pisces born during the 2nd 10-day period are extremely emotional, they are highly sensitive to the malevolent environment around them, with this possibly even affecting their health. Representatives of this sign don't have an easy life because they take the blame for others' mistakes, often becoming scapegoats.

They must always carry with them a moonstone or sapphire. These stones will help them boost their natural intuition, foresee any traps and avoid them. Plus they will shield them from the envy of others and attract sympathies to themselves.

Pisces born during the 3rd 10-day period have a strongly expressed individuality. The usual inborn indecisiveness of Pisces is absent in them, they make decisions easily and stick to them, they don't change their ideals or viewpoint but are often capable of aggression and egotism, something which usually hurts they themselves the most.

Aquamarine is recommended for them, to cool their inner turmoil and passions, as well as alexandrite to stimulate brain activity and ease the soul.



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