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Yearly Horoscope 2018 for Pisces


This year you're going to expand your horizons and show others that you can work miracles when you believe in yourself. You can achieve this by traveling abroad more often or taking up spiritual teachings.

Familiarizing yourself with new cultures and people with different points of view will satisfy your intellectual pursuits and enrich your philosophical view of the world. Travels, philosophy and religion will help you look at your surroundings differently.

You'll be able to part with many of your old fears if you utilize the opportunities before you instead of just spectating. Act more freely and decisively in order to achieve your goals.

In 2018 you're going to experience good fortune in any plans of yours related to travels, education and spirituality. Now is the time for you to show that the world is much larger than anyone can imagine, while also remaining largely unexplored.

All you need to do is believe in yourself and keep your confidence at a high level in order to enjoy the next 365 days. The belief you have in yourself may also inspire others to follow your example.


The great challenges this year will be related to your friends and coworkers. You're going to learn to be a reliable friend that can be counted on in times of crisis and difficult moments.

In the coming months you may become colder toward your friends or those you love may act more coldly toward you. Think about what is causing these attitudes.

Throughout the year you may find yourself more skeptical toward any new people you meet, while trusting only those with more experience than your own or simply those you've known for many years.

But don't let yourself turn into a hermit who prefers their own company all because they can't fully trust others or because they're convinced that they're not on the same intellectual level.

Reasonably decide which of your contacts can be helpful and direct your efforts toward preserving them. Some of your friends can help you build a solid foundation for realizing your dreams.