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Underground tunnels - are they roads to foreign civilizations?

Underground tunnels - are they roads to foreign civilizations?

Some researchers support the idea that beneath the surface of the Earth there is a whole system of tunnels and corridors that extend to the depths of our planet. Where do these tunnels lead? and who built them?

Some believe that the tunnels lead to long lost human cities, that were populated by ancient civilizations or perhaps even preceding civilizations like the Atlantis. Some say that there is extraterrestrial civilizations that thrive deep down in the tunnels, however others believe the third theory, that the governments of the world powers use the tunnels.

The third and latest theory grants more honesty as it is no secret that big countries have built underground bunkers and defense considerations.

A story of a search for a senior officer of the navel forces of the United States was published in 1985. He disclosed that the military discovered a huge network of tunnels beneath the seabed of the western coasts of the country.

Nuclear submarines began to explore the tunnels in questions. One submarine entered into one tunnel disappeared forever from the radar. Two other submarines disappeared too, the USS Thresher and the U.S.S. Scorpion.

Other similar cases brings us to West Virginia. Workers found a cave with strange hieroglyphics on the walls. People later said that inside they heard strange sounds from the depths, like the sounds of working large machines.

Most reports come from the underworld Brazil. For example, two researchers have recently discovered underground tunnels near Ponte Grosse. After spending five days there they discovered a small community of 50 adults and several children.