Magic lesson

Magic lesson

So i was dreaming bout this class with a strict teacher who was teaching like 6 students how to move objects with a power of our hands and mind. It was a really difficult lesson, but as i was focusing more, i got better, also there was this hole in the floor right in front of me, but it disappeared when i was really focused on moving the objects.
So now i'm wondering bout the interpretation of my dream.

Thank you


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24.03.2013 15:04
You are wishing for psychic powers. Also, perhaps, inspired by Harry Potter? I didn't grow up on Harry Potter, but it has been influential on many minds. You are also, perhaps, wondering if there is really such a thing as magic. Not physically, no. So, keep your chin up. The hole in the floor is something irregular, something that defies the laws of physics, which makes no sense to your rational mind. When it closes up, things have returned to normal. It's fun to think about, though. Maybe you should write a story about it.