What your Day will be Like According to the July 13 Horoscope


The New Moon enters Cancer a little after 4:00 a.m. But what's important to know is that after this we have a void of course Moon; this will continue until 18:30 p.m. tonight. So do not rush when it comes to making any decisions today. Note: all times listed are in UTC.

Even though you feel a strong need to change something in your life, don't act based on primal urges. Wait until your initial enthusiasm passes and only then start taking action.

Today is a suitable time to follow a lunar diet for weight loss and bodily cleansing. Starting from 3 a.m. and until 4 a.m. refrain from consuming animal products.

If you are able to, don't eat, consume beverages only. If not, stick to vegetable products.

The day is suitable for writing your desires down but do think carefully about them. After all, the influence of the void of course Moon may confuse you.


Prospects are good for your career today but the stars advise you to focus on your personal life as well. Your loves ones are in a difficult situation and have need of your support. So finish your professional engagements as quickly as possible and devote yourself to your family.


The stars advise you to be active and quick today. You're going to have wonderful opportunities but you'll need to be bold and react quickly. If you don't rely on your intuition and spend too much time thinking you'll miss decent opportunities. So don't think that much, instead take the next key step in your life.


It's night time you took responsibility for your actions. The mistakes you've made can be fixed but you need to admit that you've made a mistake and continue forward. If you close your eyes to the problems, you're never going to be able to solve them. But be honest with yourself and others, things will work out.


If you still haven't planned your summer vacation, the stars urge you to hurry up. If you continue to delay, you're going to miss the golden opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation and you'll need to settle for the more limited opportunities. You deserve a lot more and the time is right for getting things going.


Today, the Universe is going to be on your side. You're not going to have competition in love, nor in your career. We recommend that you take maximum advantage of the situation and realize all of your plans and dreams but also not forget about your personal life. The 2nd half of the day is very suitable for romantic dates and flirting.


The day is going to be a bright and fun one. But have fun a bit more quietly because there's a danger of enviers overhearing and darkening your mood. On the love front, expect clouds. Something will come in between you and the object of your desires. You'll need to quickly resolve the misunderstanding in order to enjoy harmony once again.


A suitable day for flirting and being playful. Today you're going to be surrounded by many admirers and be the center of attention. But if you're in a serious relationship, be careful when it comes to playful games. Your partner isn't going to like seeing you with others and will make you seriously pay for this.


Overall, your day is going to be peaceful and stable. But it is possible during the morning hours for small disagreements to arise between you and your coworkers. Try to control your emotions and the conflict will soon be resolved. Get in a romantic mindset for the evening. Someone is going to surprise you with a beautiful and unexpected gesture.


Today you're going to be quite a popular and sought-after personality. Enjoy the incredible amount of attention you're getting but don't let your fame intoxicate you. Don't forget about your tasks and keep track of the time. Otherwise you risk missing an important appointment and someone will be left very disappointed by your non-serious attitude.


It's a suitable day for collective activities and communicating with friends. Leave the comfort of your home and do something more interesting and fun. Organize a short trip outside of town for your gang and give yourselves unforgettable moments. You have a need to get away from it all and forget about your daily troubles.


Today you're going to enjoy mutual approval. Both friends and coworkers are going to look at you with admiration and will try to imitate you any way they can. Analyze their attention appropriately because one of them is going to propose something interesting to you. It's recommended that you spend the evening with your partner. It's a good moment for something romantic.


Today you're going to receive a good opportunity to improve your financial state. But don't rely on gambling or lottery tickets. Success will come from hard work and completing extra tasks. So don't bet on willing the lottery, get to work instead.

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