Find out your Weekly Horoscope Until February 25


You've got an amazing week lined up ahead. Events will develop quickly and you're going to gradually start achieving the goals you've set for yourself earlier. In the middle of the week you're going to have to be more cautious.

On Wednesday and Thursday you're going to have to utilize more deftness, a richer fantasy but also understanding toward others' problems. This is the only way you're going to maintain your harmonious relations with them. In the personal aspect however, you're going to have to focus on a more conservative approach.

Don't expect your partner to be overly uninhibited. Certain experiments in the bedroom may seem a little too far off and repulsive to them. Instead, focus on home comfort.

Tasty dinners in a pleasant setting will strengthen your relationship with your beloved. During the weekend you're going to be gripped by burning passions and the desire for success. The period is suitable for more active pursuits on the love front and at work.


The week is going to be productive for those of you who are trying to puzzle out certain issues and attain more detailed information. You're going to work well with data and easily create logical connections, so it's going to be easier than ever for you to get your hands on the desired solutions. Aside from this you're going to enjoy the complete trust of your relatives, friends and coworkers. They are going to readily share their experiences with you, while what you learn will turn out to be beneficial for you yourself as well.


Your week is going to be devoted to collective activities. Even if working in a group isn't your favorite activity, over the next few days you're going to have to swallow your pride and learn to work as part of a team. Group activities are going to make you leave your comfort zone and learn something more about yourself. Participating in various seminars, public events, training sessions and other similar activities is also going to be good for you.


It'd be great if you devoted the coming days to work-related issues and social matters. You're going to be working with plenty of gusto and achieving amazing results but it'd be even better if you did not remain satisfied with just that. You can achieve a whole lot more yet, you just need to expand your horizons and work on improving your skills. Participate in professional competitions without being afraid of them. Competition with others will make you even stronger.


Throughout this week focus more on your loved ones. They have need of your company and every activity together will provide them peace, happiness and satisfaction. Cancers who are looking for a partner are going to have romantic excitement in store. An interesting persona of the same zodiac sign is going to appear on their horizon. But communication with them is going to turn out to be more difficult than they had imagined.


This week, the majority of your concerns are going to be related to others' resources. It's possible that someone who has lent you money will ask to be paid back. You're going to have to invest a ton of effort to get out of the difficult situation in case you have not yet stabilized financially. Also be cautious when making decisions about commitment. Don't take serious steps forward just to appease someone.


This week the focus is going to be on your relations with others. And not just on your romantic experiences but also your communication with relatives, bosses, friends, like-minded people. You're going to have to learn to make more compromises and be more gentle. Try not to hastily judge others and begin to accept them in their most realistic light. If you focus too much on their shortcomings, you're not going to be able to see their positive sides.


During the week, your main concern with is going to be your communication with coworkers, as well as the workplace environment. Midweek, it's possible that certain unexpected events will tense up the atmosphere at work and stress you out more than usual. But in any case you have to remain calm. Don't let emergency situations get in the way of your collective spirit and excellent work.


This week you're going to be more tranquil and confident. This will allow you to free yourself of emotions that you normally keep bottled up. You're going to share with others things from your past that you've long kept secret and finally free yourself of emotional baggage. At the end of the week you're going to find time for a new hobby and are slowly going to start a new stage of your life.


Focus on your loved ones and home. It is indeed your home chores that will bring you the greatest satisfaction throughout the week. The days are suitable for major cleaning, new purchases, furniture rearrangement. As the weekend approaches, focus on your relatives. Think of activities the whole family can participate in that will charge you with positive emotions.


Over the coming days you're going to communicate with a lot of people and visit different events. Still, you're not advised to waste your energy. You need to carefully decide what truly deserves your invested efforts and what to avoid. Don't be tempted to see people from your past who have hurt or betrayed you. Their behavior isn't going to be any different now.


The week is particularly suitable for changing your attitude toward food and exercise. Don't wait for summer to loom close before you get in shape. You have to pick yourself up now and start exercising more actively. Also try to give up the harmful goodies that tempt you most often. Instead, eat more fruits and vegetables.


You may grow tremendously over the next few days if you decide to work on self-improvement. In the first few days, focus on the theoretical preparation, then after Wednesday focus on grasping new practical skills. On Saturday and Sunday prepare to resolve an important issue requiring your full concentration and wisdom. Listen to your intuition as well.

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