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Our Oceans will Slowly Evaporate


The Earth's oceans are in the process of evaporating. In fact, it turns out that every planet rich in water is at risk of this. The absence of this natural resource may make our planet uninhabitable sooner than we had expected.

The increase in carbon dioxide levels can destroy life on planet Earth, claims a study recently published in Nature Communications journal. Data prove that greenhouse gas emissions are just as detrimental as the Sun's rays when it comes to decreasing vitally important water resources on Earth.

In 1 million years, the Sun will shine significantly brighter and immerse the Earth in ever more solar radiation. Eventually, the temperature on Earth's surface will rise to a point where liquid water becomes unstable.

Our oceans, rivers and lakes will evaporate into the atmosphere and irrevocably escape into the boundlessness of space, leading to the extinction of all life on the planet. This is something that has been known for a long time but new data reveals a realistic and much more imminent danger of this occurring due to greenhouse gases.

There is a direct link between the air layer - the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and the hydrosphere - the water layer. When the quantity of carbon increases, the greenhouse effect also speeds up, shaking up our planet's climate. Using 3D modeling, a team of American and German meteorologists have discovered the potential dangers of the increasing levels of this type of gas.


In their experiment, the scientists found that when carbon levels in the atmosphere rise too high and the average global temperature on the surface of the World's Ocean exceeds 133°F (56 °C), all will be lost. The increased humidity in the upper layers of the atmosphere will lead to a rapid expulsion of the water from it into space. If we get to that point, the processes will be irreversible. Any measures to try to decrease carbon levels in the atmosphere won't help at that point.

In the experiments, carbon dioxide levels are significantly higher than what mankind and nature are emitting into the atmosphere today. To prevent this from happening, it would be wise to take measures now to prevent them from rising in the future.



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