Three Zodiac Signs Need to be Careful in Love this March


The month of March will be exceptionally stormy when it comes to love. For some the changes will be for good but for 3 of the zodiac signs, huge conflicts may lead to irreversible breakups.


During the 3rd month of the year, you'll be highly sensitive and easily annoyed by the words and attitude of your partner. If you do not wish to leave your love in the past, don't close yourself off but share your feelings with your partner.

You may be forced to not spend as you have before but this shouldn't become a reason for arguments. Don't forget that hard times are most successful in unifying a couple.



The negative aspects that Saturn forms during March will get in the way of your understanding with your beloved. You'll be more conflicting than usual, this will even surprise you yourself.

To avoid huge disaster on the love front, try to be more tolerant and diplomatic with the person by your side. Don't bring your work problems home and the tension won't be as severe.


Big concerns await you in the love aspect because your sign ruler is entering an unfavorable house. Strong emotions will hit extremes - it'll be hard for you to control them and even the person closest to you may may drift apart.

You'll attack without thinking about the consequences and you may even break up with your partner if you don't realize your mistakes and don't apologize on time.

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