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Minerals That Can Kill


Individuals who work with stones and minerals believe that each stone has its own energy field and vital energy. Some stones and minerals can be beneficial, while others are harmful to human health and can even kill.

Chalcanthite is among those dangerous minerals but is also very beautiful. It entices with its fine blue crystals, which contain copper, sulfur and other elements. The copper from this mineral is water soluble and can kill a plant, animal or even a human. This mineral weakens vitality and then the inner organs stop working.

Coloradoite is a mineral found in magma. It is a compound of mercury and telluride. During heating or chemical reactions, this mineral releases a deadly gas and powder.


Hutchinsonite contains thallium, which is deadly. It is found in the mountains of Europe and besides thallium contains other toxic substances as well. When it comes into contact with human skin, this mineral causes a strong allergic reaction, hair loss and death.

Galena, which comes in shining silver cubes contains sulfur which can be inhaled when processing this mineral. If you were to hit galena with a hammer it will crumble into several perfect cubes. Breathing in galena dust can be deadly.

Asbestos is one of the most terrifying minerals on our planet. Asbestos deposits are composed of thousands of miniature filamentary crystals which can end up in a person's lungs. This has a cancerogenic effect.


Arsenopyrite is a mineral also known as fool's gold. It contains many toxic substances and if a person were to touch it and prepare food afterward, without washing their hands well enough, it can poison them. This mineral, which looks similar to gold, can be recognized for what it is when it is hit with a hammer - an aroma akin to that of garlic then wafts from it.

Torbernite is famously called the "mineral from hell". It beckons with its beautiful green crystals and many people use it as a decoration for their home. But this mineral slowly releases the deadly gas radon which causes lung atrophy.


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