Numerological Prognosis Until December 7th


To find out what the new week has in store for you, find out your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single digit number or the numbers 11 and 22.

1 - You will feel free in your thoughts and actions this week. It is important to provide the same freedom to the people around you. Avoid bossing people around or criticizing them because that way you will only create unnecessary problems for yourself. In love, a period of crisis in relationships is to come.

2 - This week will be perfect for you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Your sense of responsibility will be high in the days up to December 7. You will be happier if you work with people who share your interests and everyone does their own part. But don't focus only on your sense of duty in your profession, because you won't have a good week if you do.

3 - Dedicate the days up to December 7th to someone you really care about. Share more - this will make you more positive and happy. Even though it's not at all easy to please someone else, this will improve your ability to adapt, helping you in the long run. To avoid problems, don't forget to be organized.

4 - Throughout the week you will find the harmony you've been seeking and you'll be completely resolved. Be honest with others and tell them directly what you like and dislike. The feeling that you are free to choose will make you happy. Don't act with superiority toward others and don't treat them as unworthy.

5 - The energy this week is perfect for travels. You can try to expand your horizons by reading more books or watching movies. During the week you need to share the view you have of the world. However, don't be overly hasty and don't try to convince others at all costs of how right you are.

Number 7

6 - This week will help you better understand the things around you. If you think more abstractly, you may figure out why someone is acting a certain way. Events from the past may be on your mind. Analyze your mistakes and stick to reality.

7 - You will take your love relationship into consideration this week. You will determine whether your love is giving you enough or preventing you from developing professionally. It is quite possible for these types of thoughts to cause conflicts with your partner, in which it is important to honestly express your needs.

8 - This week you will feel financially secure and will get into new projects with ease. There does exist some risk of you spending more than what is necessary for clothes, possessions or home improvements. Postpone large purchases, especially if you need to draw credit for them. Be cautious and control your finances carefully.

9 - In the days ahead, you will focus on your love relationship, while trying to strengthen your relations with your partner. You are capable of dealing with misunderstandings and changing the things you don't like. Working as part of a team will give you satisfaction, as long as you don't have overly high expectations.

11 - Perhaps you are interested in someone but are tormented by doubts regarding some of their actions. Don't fool yourself into thinking that this will change with time but rather accept that different people have different points of view and don't always see eye to eye. Such a relationship will burden you emotionally and if it doesn't seem to be working it's time to move on.

22 - Changes will take place this week, allowing you to move forward. You may have a conflict about money, you need to preserve the other person's dignity at such a time and not showcase your own ego. Don't hurt people because of objects.

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