Facts about people with black hair

Facts about people with black hair

Black for one reason or another is considered fatal, and because the people whose hair is black, are considered at prima facie to be strict, while exotic.

People often see others through stereotypes.

Thus was built the myth that blonde women are stupid and raven haired ones are "mistresses", but redheads are more emotional than others.

Even if all this contained some truth - there is no evidence to make this statement an indisputable fact.

Black hair does not suit everyone – it makes features sharper and the face thinner. Black is best suited for people with light color eyes - so they stand out.

The "Poor girl" in fairy tales is always black-haired, while the opposite is a soft blonde with milky white skin, which is the embodiment of kindness and gentleness. In the middle between the two is the fiery redhead.

Men who like women with black hair perceive them as controlling. They find that a black-haired woman is sure of herself, knows how and loves to command and give directions - in her daily life, at work and in sex.

Here are some interesting facts about raven haired people:

1. It is believed that people with black hair are more energetic and more vibrant than others.

2. They have over 100 000 hairs, which is actually in the middle of the scale.

3. Black hair contains more carbon, unlike people with blond hair.

4. In black haired males, their beard grows more slowly than their blonde counterparts.

5. Black hair is thicker than the hair of blondes.

6. 15% of women who are with wealthy men are with black hair, before them are ladies with brown and blonde hair, behind them are redheads.

7. Black hair is the most dense.

8. People with dark skin and black hair have more pigment spots, unlike those with fair hair and pale skin.

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Comments (11)

13.11.2012 21:04
What? Racist? I don't see anything racist about this article. Before I came here I figured I would read some kind of racially driven article, that having black hair automatically makes you "not white" I myself have black hair , and I agree with a lot of the facts brought up in this article. I am gothams reckoning
16.10.2012 19:17
This is a very racist write up
Aber Nicles
Aber Nicles
27.09.2012 01:26
number 8 is completley off, they shouldnt let biggots write these types of articles.

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