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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - April 1

Love horoscope

Today, a great many of you will be focusing on achieving your goals and this will inevitably affect your love life. Thanks to your good self-discipline and drive you'll receive what you wish for. Whatever challenges you face today, the stars advise you to think positively and not give in to provocations. The period is suitable for planning joint activities with your beloved, so don't miss the opportunity to spend unforgettable moments with your partner.

Aries - In case you've planned to conquer someone's heart today, don't act unprepared. Find out the interests of the person you desire beforehand and figure out how to get their attention. Non-singles Aries should use this time to harmonize their relationship. Go on a short walk with your partner, just the 2 of you.

Taurus - Every person is an egotist more or less, so there's nothing wrong with listening to your heart and acting based on what it's telling you. In case you're unhappy with the person you're with, maybe it's time to tell them. But still, only start that type of conversation if you're completely sure of your thoughts and feelings. Single Taureans who would like to confess their feelings of love to someone can do it today, since the period is suitable for it.


Gemini - Lately you've started getting annoyed with your partner because they spend way too much time on the internet. Offer your partner to spend at least one evening together with your phones and computers off. Be together and relish in your love. Single Geminis may or may not find the desired attention of the person they've been feeling attracted to lately. The stars advise you to rethink your interests because this person may not be the most suitable for you.

Cancer - Today you may find love when you're out walking, shopping or getting around with public transport. Look for signs of fate! You may start a serious relationship right out of the blue. Non-singles Cancers need to be more polite today. A bout of rash behavior or arrogance may hurt your partner and end your relationship.

Leo - You're perplexed by conflicting feelings, which may lead to reckless actions. You have a tendency for cheating and more frivolous behavior. To avoid bringing problems down on yourself, it's best to find solitude somewhere and wait for this period to pass. Listen more to your common sense and don't allow lustful desires to dominate.

Virgo - Due to the responsibilities that have piled up lately, it's as if you've forgotten what romance is. Use the end of the day to get away from all your tasks at least briefly and spend that time in the company of your partner. Single Virgos should think about participating in social events. But still, the stars advise you to meet with only those who have more sophisticated views on life.

Libra - Your immense curiosity may end up playing a bad joke on you today. While perusing over your partner's email and text messages you'll likely come upon information that will worry you. But after you have a conversation with your partner about this issue, you'll discover that your worries were unfounded. Single Libras will most likely not have successes on the love front today. The exhaustion you've been suffering lately has been making you antisocial and nonconfident in yourself.

Scorpio - If you're in a relationship and still have not introduced your partner to your friends' circle, today is the most suitable today to do this. Today is also favorable for meeting your partner with your family. The chances for your loved ones approving of them is indeed very high. In case you have a strong interest toward someone, the period is ideal for meeting them and revealing your feelings.


Sagittarius - Whatever happens with your love life today, try not to take it too personally. Temporary failures and disappointments in certain people are possible but know that these are just temporary. When the new day comes, success will once again be with you. So do not give in to momentary phases.

Capricorn - You have an important decision related to your love life to make today. For some representatives of the zodiac sign, it won't bring positive emotions at first but consequently they'll experience a great relief. Nonetheless, accept that it's an important step that will help you find true love sooner.

Aquarius - Your artistry and sense of humor are winning prevalence today. Your charming smile and undeniable charisma will transform you into a magnetic for the opposite sex. Get ready to be showered with compliments both by your partner and other representatives of the opposite sex. Single Aquarians should use this time to meet new people they find interesting.

Pisces - Today, the person by your side will open your eyes about some things in your relationship. The stars advise you to listen well and learn your lesson. It is the only way for your relationship to continue smoothly and happily. Single Pisces may renew a relationship with a past partner.