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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - March 23

Love Horoscope

Today is perfect for clearing up some of the misunderstandings between you and your partner. If something's bothering you and you've long been looking for the right time to share it, now is that time. The period is good for reevaluation and going in a different direction that would satisfy you better romantically and intimately. But before you come to any type of decision, thoroughly analyze the specific situation and don't allow your emotions to dominate.

Aries - Today your intuition will work better, which is why you need to listen to it. If your inner voice is telling you that you shouldn't be with a certain person, it's best to listen to it and find a way to end your relationship with them. Single Aries should also heed their intuition, especially if they're wondering whether to start a relationship with a given person or not.

Taurus - Enjoy the little things in life that your favorite person is serving you. Even if at this point they are unable to make all your wishes come true, know that they are doing everything in their power to please you. For single Taureans, the period is ideal for forever quitting some bad habits that encumber their relations with the opposite sex.


Gemini - It's about time you and your partner got away from your busy daily routines and took a walk outside in some fresh air. As early as today you can start to plan a romantic weekend out in nature or at least a short walk in the woods. Single Geminis need to get in a more optimistic mood. The pessimism you've been showing lately is repelling the interest of the people around you and is getting in the way of you creating the contacts you need.

Cancer - Some disagreements may arise between you and your partner today, especially if you've recently begun your relationship. The stars advise you, if you hope to make it work with that person, to make more compromises and not be excessively demanding of your favorite person. Single Cancers should expect a surprise from their friends. They may want others to introduce them to an attractive person of the opposite sex but the chance for this to grow into a serious relationship isn't very high.

Leo - It's time for single Leos to stop complaining about their failures in love. Move on from all past unsuccesses and leave behind all your negative memories. Approach the opposite sex with a positive mindset and you'll see that the desired results won't be long in coming. Leos in a relationship, in turn, should demonstrate their feelings toward their partner more often and spend more time with them.

Virgo - Today your relations with your partner will be put to the test. But the good thing is this will reveal how strong they are and if they withstand the storm, they'll last a long time. Today, single Virgos can rid their home of items related to past loves. This way they will forever free themselves of the presence of people from the past and give a sign to the Universe that they're ready for a new relationship.


Libra - Today the person by your side will have need of your love and attention more than ever. So be available and give them everything they need. Single Libras should use the moment to analyze their feelings. If you don't think that you need a serious partner at this time, don't feed false hope to the people interested in you.

Scorpio - A serious talk with your partner is on the horizon, who you have most likely avoided for some time. It's time to discuss your relationship and determine whether you're headed in the right direction. In case you've found insuperable differences, it would be better to end your relations. Single Scorpios should also think about where they're headed and what kind of person they would like by their side. That way they'll be able to more easily find someone with whom they can create a solid relationship.

Sagittarius - On this day, single Sagittarii may encounter people from other populous areas, from abroad or simply individuals of a different culture. But it is indeed this difference that will impress and attract them. Non-single Sagittarii will need to talk with their partner and have them show support regarding some issues.

Capricorn - A conflict between your partner and your parents may arise today. Try not to take any sides and ease up the tense atmosphere at home. Single Capricorns should reassess their friends. There's a chance you are unable to start a relationship due to the negative influence of the people around you.

Aquarius - Throughout the day, Aquarians will feel as if they're not appreciated enough by the opposite sex and this will depress them. Those of them in a relationship may even irritate their beloved with their negative mindset. The stars advise representatives of this sign to be more optimistic and not be so dramatic.

Pisces - Today, it's possible for communication with members of the the opposite sex to really annoy single Pisces but this should not discourage you. Accept that there are these types of days as well and continue onward with your head held high. Non-single Pisces need to be careful with the way they act toward their partner today because they will require both their physical and emotional support.