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Your Horoscope for Today - March 23


The presence of Mars in Sagittarius provides a sure sign that even the boldest plans can be realized with hard work and a dose of luck, while the trine that the Moon and Pluto form portends misunderstandings on the love front for representatives of the air signs.

Aries - A great part of your energy will be swallowed up by problems at the workplace today. You may have to work late into the night and cancel your preplanned going out with friends.

Taurus - Your natural charm and good manners help you easily make friends, even at the workplace, where competition is intense. You'll have the opportunity to shine with your ideas and suggestions for your bosses and this will soon be felt financially as well.


Gemini - Don't get distracted, focus your attention on your work because there's a chance you might make a mistake that will cost you high financially. Don't miss the opportunity to help a friend because soon you may be the one who relies on their help as well.

Cancer - You'll receive unexpected earnings from long-term investments in real estate or securities. Think about the possibility of investing these proceeds into other enterprises, instead of simply spending them to spoil yourself. Pay attention to your partner because lately you've been ignoring him/her quite often.

Leo - Today you'll be in your element and carry out even the most difficult plans with ease. Don't waste your energy on meetings with friends, instead try to impress your bosses, who are keeping a close eye on you. Hear out all of the offers they'll make you; one of these is worth the risk but you'll have to carefully figure out which one.

Virgo - Today you'll have to fill out heaps of documents and you'll be buried in paperwork almost until lunch. Be especially careful what you sign because there's a risk of you becoming a victim of document fraud. Avoid large investments and do not purchase property or a car under any circumstances.

Libra - The most suitable day for starting your own project or business is today. The stars are on your side and as long as you deal with the little administrative hurdles, your success is guaranteed. Still, hold back from excessively large investments because some time will pass before you see the first results of your hard work.

Scorpio - Your attention is focused on entirely new business ventures in which you'll enjoy success, in spite of what your supporters predict. Don't be afraid to invest time, energy and resources to realize your dreams because the stars are in your favor. Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to the love front, where disappointments await you.


Sagittarius - Unforeseen pitfalls will make you put off your plans for getting together with friends and vacation. Don't be disappointed because you'll have the opportunity to meet important people who will soon play an important role in your career development.

Capricorn - Your hard work yields success and soon you'll be able to start your own business that you've long dreamed of. But don't rely solely on blind ambition, instead assess your abilities soberly and realistically, so that it doesn't turn out that you've started a project you can't handle.

Aquarius - Your attempts to hide from the rest of the world will be thwarted by circumstances. Instead of the peace and quiet you desperately need, you're going to have a day with loads of work and twists and turns, at the end of which you'll be emotionally and physically drained. Even the romantic dinner your partner will take you to won't be capable of lifting your spirits.

Pisces - You're living in your memories and refuse to accept the present. Soon you'll be forced to go back to reality and first deal with your financial issues, then with your emotional problems, which are serious. Don't refuse the aid of loved ones, who are ready to support you at this difficult time.