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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - March 29

Love horoscope

During the 1st half of the day you'll find it relatively easier to socialize with representatives of the opposite sex and won't be assailed by any dark thoughts. But in the afternoon hours, expect for some pitfalls to appear in the relations between you and your partner. The day will be brimming with different kinds of emotions, as on the one hand you'll win something you've been fighting for but on the other you'll have to make compromises in love.

Aries - Even though up until recently you had been imagining a distant future with the person by your side, doubt has begun creeping into your mind about it lately. It's best to resolve this issue now because the problem will only worsen later on. Single Aries, who plan to go on a date with a potential partner, should do it during the 1st part of the day. The period is suitable for both conversations and intimate contact.

Taurus - No big disagreements are expected to arise between you and your partner today, quite the contrary - you'll enjoy each other's company and rediscover yourselves. Lonely Taureans may end up disappointed today, as they won't receive the attention they are looking for from the object of their affection.

Gemini - The day will be harmonious and nice in the love aspect. It's highly likely you receive a love confession from someone you're with or someone you've been seeing for awhile. The moment is suitable for strengthening your relationship or getting married.


Cancer - Today you'll want to get away from the rest of the world and be alone with your partner somewhere far away from everyone else. Even if you can't afford to do this today, the stars advise you to think seriously about a romantic vacation soon. Singles of the sign will enjoy the attention of the opposite sex today. Use the charisma that you're giving off during the first hours of the day to draw the attention of someone of your interest.

Leo - You may get into a serious conflict with your partner today or simply have your relationship suffer a crash due to cooling of passions lately. The stars advise you to think soberly and not resort to reckless actions. Single Leos may actually be feeling exhausted from random flirting and dating people whom they don't share common interests with.

Virgo - Today you may be forced to choose between your friends and sweetheart. The situation is extremely delicate and requires you to proceed with caution. Try to explain to both parties that you need them and don't make extreme statements. Single Virgos are perhaps noticing chaotic upheaval in their feelings because of recent circumstances. Make use of the period to devote yourself to self-analysis and solitude. Avoid being alone with people who have a frivolous behavior.

Libra - Talk more with your partner and don't be afraid to share your worries with them. This way you'll make them feel like a valued adviser and strengthen your bond. Single Libras should be a bit less sarcastic when socializing with the opposite sex. Behave more optimistically and kindly, lest you wish to remain lonely for a long time to come.

Scorpio - Today it's possible that married representatives of the zodiac sign get into a quarrel with their partner due to an everyday type of problem. These sorts of moments are an unchanging part of family life, so don't pay them any mind. Single Scorpios are in for a pleasant surprise today - the Universe may conspire to introduce them to someone new or have them receive a love confession from someone they don't know that well yet.

Sagittarius - The person by your side will have the opportunity to act as your guardian angel today. Don't worry about this role possibly causing them hardships because it will actually be a great honor for them to be of help. Single Sagittarii need to be careful with their contacts today. You may begin a relationship that doesn't look to be a long-lasting one.


Capricorn - Out of boredom of your relationship with your partner, today your eyes may wander toward representatives of the opposite sex that you feel are attractive and even allow yourself to cheat. Single representatives of the sign will also have a tendency toward careless intimate contacts.

Aquarius - Single Aquarians may start a new relationship today, one that's looking to be a serious one. Non-single Aquarians will enjoy harmonious relations with their partner and have their support. The day is suitable for taking your relationship to a more serious level.

Pisces - Something will happen to you today that will make you seriously think about your views when it comes to love. The stars advise you to set aside some time to analyze your position and needs. The conclusions you'll reach will most likely lead you to change your attitude toward the person by your side or the person with whom you want to start a relationship.