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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - March 30


The day is suitable for analyses. If you're in a relationship, think about relations but don't resort to making sudden, cardinal decisions. If you're single you can peer into your inner world and think about what type of partner you realistically need by your side. Some unexpected and tense situations in your relationship with the opposite sex may pop up today, which is why you need to remain as cool-headed as possible. If you wish to see the object of your affection, today isn't perhaps the most appropriate, so pick another of the upcoming days for this important meeting.

Aries - Today you'll definitely be on a different rhythm with the partner by your side. As such, some of their actions will seem confusing and even crazy to you. Be patient and don't let this temporary feeling blacken your day. Singles of this zodiac sign won't find it easy to communicate with older representatives of the opposite sex, so avoid meeting with these sorts of people today.


Taurus - Be careful about the small details. It just may be that a seemingly insignificant at first glance thing turns out to be key to your love relations. Figure out what your partner or the person you wish to begin a relationship with likes. Also find out the things that person is annoyed by. Use your new knowledge to turn the circumstances in your favor.

Gemini - At some point today, your partner may announce a piece of news that will scare you or make you feel horrible. But don't be quick to invest too many emotions. It's possible they may simply be testing out your reaction. It's better if single Geminis don't go out on romantic dates. Misunderstandings and severe disagreements may arise between them and the people of the opposite sex.

Cancer - The person by your side may come out as a jealous type today. Even if an innocent conversation with another person doesn't seem like a flirt to you, your partner may have a different opinion. Explain to them that their fears are baseless and there's actually no reason to be jealous. Single Cancers shouldn't get their hopes up for romantic dates today. The stars warn that even if you have a date planned already, it may fall through at the last moment or you may get stood up.

Leo - Avoid demonstrating your bad habits today, especially those that drive your partner crazy. If you don't proceed with caution there's a danger you may incur their wrath. Today isn't suitable for random flirting and exhausting intimate contacts.

Virgo - It's about time you realized that you need a relationship with a single partner that possesses magnetism, a sense of humor and a profound mind. Fleeting relationships with the opposite sex may keep your interest alive but aren't ultimately making you truly happy.

Libra - Forget about the possessive feeling that's taken hold of you and stop being so suspicious of your partner. Accept that they too have their own interests and need time for solitude. Single Libras might find themselves in a difficult position and not achieve success in the love aspect today due to their excessive demands.

Scorpio - In case you've had a relationship with 2 different people or are simply wondering about who to begin a relationship with in the future, today is the most suitable day for reflection. Don't see any of them today, just think about what each of these 2 persons gives you and how meaningful your relations with them are.

Sagittarius - Even if you're feeling distress today, don't let your weakness show to the person by your side. Your embodiment of a strong spirit and courage will immediately make an impression in someone special to you and they will express it in a very pleasant way.


Capricorn - Regardless if you've been unlucky in love lately and been disappointed by someone, today isn't the day to think about this. Look at the situation from a side angle and have a laugh about it. After all, life goes on. Obsession over problems and over dramatizing won't benefit you in any way.

Aquarius - Use this day to take your partner to a cultural event. Visiting a museum, art gallery or drama theater may not be among your partner's usual activities but they'll definitely be good for both of you. Single Aquarians will have success in communicating with the opposite sex but should not have high expectations for starting a serious relationship.

Pisces - Today your partner may share with you their innermost dreams about the future, which include you. Even if they seem a bit too serious at this stage, don't show it in a rough way. Single representatives of the sign should refrain from reckless sexual contact today. You may get turned down after and be left disappointed.