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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - March 31

Love Horoscope

Avoid giving empty promises to the opposite sex today. Be careful and think over every word before you speak it. Untimely spoken words can cause you serious trouble with your partner or the person you'd like to begin a relationship with. The events that the Universe will serve you on the love front today may put the pressure on you. Meanwhile, some of you will gain insights that will help you make decisions easier concerning your love life.

Aries - Today you may hear some unpleasant things aimed at your partner. But the stars don't advise you to take them seriously at all, listen only to your own heart. Single representatives of this sign may get attracted by extravagant personalities. If you manage to present yourself as an interesting character, you'll also manage to attract the attention of the person in question.

Taurus - Today the stars advise you to be maximally honest with your partner. If you have any desire to share your impressions or plans, now is the time. Be as frank as possible but do try to maintain a good tone. Single Taureans shouldn't be too trustful when socializing with the opposite sex. Deception and trickery are possible, so don't rush to reveal your emotions.


Gemini - Today the person by your side will confuse you with their behavior. To attract your attention they'll say things they don't really mean. Even if their words are offensive, don't take them too personally; they will regret them later. Single Geminis' desire for love adventures will awaken today. But be careful not to hurt someone with your behavior or give them false hope.

Cancer - No matter how hard you try to make your partner happy today, your efforts may prove futile. Tension will find its way into your conversations today but the unpleasant moment will quickly pass. The stress and psychological exhaustion that have been evident lately in some of the single representatives of this sign have a detrimental effect on their love life. First find a way to rest up and then get to searching for a suitable partner.

Leo - Devote the day to making your partner happy. Think about what they'd like, get your imagination going and serve them a surprise they would have never dreamed of. Single Leos can use the day to contact new people of the opposite sex but only if they feel calm and confident enough in themselves.

Virgo - Throughout the day you'll have to defend your positions and argue your opinion well in front of your partner. But still, remember that your main goal isn't to get into a quarrel with your partner but simply reveal your stance. The period is more suitable for solitude but if you're experiencing a strong desire to see a certain person of the opposite sex and think you have something to tell them, do it during the first part of the day.

Libra - Today your partner will be facing a challenge and have need of your moral support. Be by their side and inspire them with courage because this would mean a lot to them. Disagreements and love disappointments are possible with members of the opposite sex.


Scorpio - The day will be wrought with nostalgic feelings and the memory of a past love may pop into your head. If you're in a relationship at the moment, the stars don't advise you to contact that person again. But if you're single and the attraction turns out to be strong, you don't lose anything by seeking them out. The sparks of love may yet again fly between you.

Sagittarius - The day is suitable for making gifts and surprises. Said gift does not have to be expensive or overly extravagant. Even a symbolic souvenir can get the job done if you express your strong feelings suitably toward your partner. Single Sagittarii may appear irritable and touchy. If going out on a romantic date, don't obsess over little jokes so you're not left bitter.

Capricorn - No matter how much you love spending time with your partner, don't try to distract them from their serious tasks at work. Show understanding and give them time to finish their assignments. Single Capricorns can use the day to go out with friends. Meeting an interesting person your age is possible today.

Aquarius - The day is a suitable one for taking a walk with your partner. Go to the zoo, take a walk somewhere or simply have lunch together in the park during your lunch break. Find a way to spend time together despite your hectic daily routine. Single Aquarians will gravitate toward electrifying and exciting love relations, while the desire for stability takes a back seat.

Pisces - Today the person by your side will act like a child. Even though for many this behavior will be annoying, you'll quickly find the charm in it and adopt it. Single Pisces will be in a lustful mood today but because of their inhibitions some of them will try to dull their desire for passion and tenderness.