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Gemini Woman and Leo Man Love Compatibility


A Gemini woman and Leo man understand each other well. They are social individuals who love to meet new people and attend parties. He has a fun sense of humor, she likes him a lot and he loves her vitality and passion for life.

It is crucially important for their co-existence not to forget to compliment each other and never take the side of another. They must support each other because betrayal is something they cannot forgive.

The Leo is a hunter by nature, but how did he catch the lovely lady Gemini? Without trying to offend his pride, we can say that she left herself be caught. In the beginning, when he began to court her, the hunt lit up his appetite and passion. Soon however, Gemini ladies, you will find that he also needs to be surrounded with a lot of attention. Remember to give due recognition to the virtues which he possesses. And they are more than a few.

You will see that he gifts with boundless generosity and forgives mistakes with royal charity.

Be careful, because one of the few things he will not forgive are inconsistency and duplicity.

Leo is a fixed sign and needs stability in the relationship. The only thing you can do is provide it to him.

A Gemini woman is often more aggressive, but that does not bother her. A Leo is perfectly suited to quench her turbulent passions. He is, in fact, fully compatible with her. This applies to their sex life too. After sex, she wants to talk to her partner. Leos, do not make the mistake of falling asleep immediately after sex, so as not to anger her.

It is difficult to determine exactly who will dominate in this relationship. The kingly nature of Leo suggests that he will impose the rules. If Gemini is shrewd enough to let him, he will dominate. Or at least that's what he thinks...

Your connection has a great chance to be long-lasting. You will mutually ignite the flame of love and enjoy the harmonious combination of the elements of air and fire.