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Find out Your Horoscope for Today - August 10

Zodiac Signs

Today, the Moon continues its presence in Scorpio. Energy and concentration are in overabundance. The day may be full of promise but it would be better to postpone both today's and tomorrow's workload. The Moon becomes void of course tomorrow and you won't be able to concentrate. That is why it's important to mobilize to the max today.

Aries - Your day will be filled with harmony and endurance. It's a suitable moment for talks with people older than you. Discuss anything related to land or small enterprises. Expect small successes, help from others and good planning in terms of the work process.

Taurus - You're going to have difficulties in your relations with bosses and confrontation with subordinates and coworkers. Invest efforts to avoid these because this will only hurt your business. Personal confrontations are possible. You're going to express yourself with egotism, aggressiveness and high emotionality, which are not to your benefit at the moment.

Gemini - The best possible decision is to take the day off today. You're not going to reap much benefits in business. It would be best to limit your activities and buy only the most necessary. You have to mobilize and employ your industriousness and discipline, in order to devote yourself to your work. Postpone any business trips, deals, contracts and any related activities. You're going to face unexpected hardships if you plan future activities.

Cancer - Today you're going to feel an influx of energy. This will help you resolve a lot of problems today. Your business deals will get tangled up with your everyday obligations. But this isn't going to stop you. Your popularity is shooting straight up. You're going to earn praise from higher ups. The stars are helping you in your communication with federal agencies and in resolving financial issues.

Leo - Your emotional needs will be your guide today. But if your ego and feelings are in opposition, they are going to be pulling you in 2 different directions and you're not going to achieve anything. Distance yourself from current events. This is the only way to gain a new perspective and balance these 2 influences. Your inner turmoil will also come to the fore.

Virgo - New ideas are going to come to you one after the other today. Your vitality is increased, while your work capacity is huge. All this will perfectly complement your spiritual experiences and excitement. Others will give you wise bits of advice. Your relations with the opposite sex will become overstimulated.

Libra - Your prudence and attitude toward work will be beyond well-intentioned and enhanced. This will help popularize your business. No matter how small the amount of progress, for you it is especially important in the material and professional sense. Your self-confidence will improve, as well as your relations with bosses, peers and influential people.


Scorpio - Expect emotional outbursts at work today, an absence of clear ideas and the inability to stay on schedule. Don't make any deals with women because reckless and spontaneous decisions to the problems will be disastrous. Actions that you've thought through will win you popularity. Carefully think over every new step you intend to take.

Sagittarius - You're going to have a unique pragmatic approach to your business problems. Underestimating the situation and trickery won't be pluses, especially when it comes to your business. You might be left with the feeling that some people and circumstances are trying to test your restraint, tenacity and patience. You're not going to be able to express yourself appropriately and apply your progressive ideas and methods.

Capricorn - Today your emotions and identity will be in complete balance. You look and feel great. Your day is going to follow a completely positive aspect. Its influence will help you achieve success in many areas, especially ones that require better judgement. Your motivation will keep you moving forward and forward only.

Aquarius - Obstacles and complications will arise in business today. They will be followed by confrontations and contradictions. Relations with higher ups will worsen. Arguments and disputes are possible. Your psychological strength is diminished. You're beset by anxiety, which will get in your way in every single undertaking.

Pisces - Your business dealings are going to be beyond successful today. Purchases, deals, financial operations and anything related to capital will be successful. You're going to feel a never-before-seen desire to lead. By taking up a leadership position, you will be helping not only yourself but others as well.