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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - May 10


It's looking to be a very positive day, during which you'll finally be able to harmonize your love relationship and smooth out the disputes that have appeared lately. Even if changes do occur, you'll quickly adapt to them without dramatizing needlessly. If you've placed yourself in an uncomfortable position for one reason or another, an opportunity will arise for you to finally get out of it, without this leading to negative consequences on your relations with the opposite sex.

Aries - Today your partner will be a little prejudiced toward your promises and actions due to the disappointments you've caused them so far. But the moment is very suitable for showing that you're now a much more serious person and intend to keep your word. Single Aries will manage to win the attention from the person they have been harboring feelings toward but if they do not find a way to keep them interested, they'll lose them.

Taurus - Today you'll be quite harebrained and make a mistake in front of your partner which they'll clinch on to. Try to show them that the problem truly is insignificant and there's no need to give it such great importance. Single Taureans rely too much on their physical features to entice the opposite sex and because of this they often stumble upon unsuitable people.

Gemini - Today your partner will come to your rescue, even though you yourself have not asked this of them. Unfortunately, their involvement will only confuse the situation instead of simplifying it, with this contributing to the appearance of tension in your relationship. Lately you've been experiencing quite a lot of difficulties in communicating with the opposite sex due to lack of self-confidence. Work on yourself and only then start going out on dates.

Cancer - You're definitely going to have need of the moral and physical support of your partner today, so don't keep them away from your problems. Be more open and don't be afraid to show that sometimes you too have your weak moments and have need of support. Single Cancers are in the mood for adventures and the probability of them getting these is very high. But it's not inconceivable for your teasing with a certain person to transform into more serious relations.

Leo - Find a way to change things up in your relationship today by offering your partner some extreme activities to take part in. This sort of idea will seem crazy to them at first but later they will take quite a shine to it. Single Leos have a tendency to get into reckless love relations, just so they don't feel alone. But this will get in the way of you recognizing the ideal partner once your paths cross.


Virgo - On this day your partner will have need of the comfort of home, understanding and consolation. Try to provide them with these and remind them that you fully support them in everything. Single Virgos will feel exceptionally energetic and happy today. This won't go unnoticed by the people around you and will win you new admirers.

Libra - Recently, some small problems had appeared between you and your partner but today it's as if you've both forgotten about them. You'll be in a romantic mood and you'll enjoy each other. Single Libras will have a tendency to make false conclusions today. Don't confuse good manners and courtesy that someone will show toward you with flirtation.

Scorpio - Today you're going to come to grips with how much your relations with your partner have changed. They have long been not just the object of your desire but also a friend and confidant. What could be better than that? Single Scorpios are still feeling disappointed by the opposite sex and act with distrust toward serious people who show interest toward them.

Sagittarius - Your relations with your partner will be tarnished by jealousy today. Luckily, this negative moment will pass quickly and things will once again fall into place. Single Sagittarii should know that a friendship of theirs is on its way to growing into something more. But before you take this important step, think about what you risk losing if things between you and the person in question don't work out.

Capricorn - You're being too strict and critical toward the actions of your partner and they are beginning to lose patience. Give them more freedom and stop reproaching them about everything if you don't wish to lose them. Single Capricorns can expect to meet an interesting person, with whom they share mutual friends and interests.

Aquarius - If you still have not introduced your partner to your family and friends, today is the suitable time for this. Rest assured that they'll like and accept them. Single Aquarians feel very divided, as 2 persons are showing interest their way, ones that they are definitely not indifferent toward.

Pisces - The warm feelings you have toward your partner will prevail and you'll quickly forget about all of their transgressions and demonstrate your love in all possible ways. Single Pisces are beginning to feel sympathies toward a coworker but the stars don't advise them to reveal their feelings right at the beginning.